The adjustment

Round 2: Summoner and Witch

Due to the complaints concerning the summoner I thought Jason said he would be making a few quick adjustments, but I was not completely awake at the time, and I cant find the message now. If that is what he said has the download been updated yet, of if I just misunderstood I would like to know that also.

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I believe what youa re talking about is in response to the AC yes thread. He's currently looking over rules for magic items, and whatnot.

On the witch side, he's also considering what to do about the Hexes, as their current incarnation makes them far too unwieldy to use.

The healing hexes may also become scaling, turning into the next iteration of the cure spells at certain level breaks.

You'll find his notes to that effect on the threads he locked:



And I was waitin' for his update all day. Big project though, I dont blame him for not finishing.

Jason Bul...hmahn? Bullman said he'd create a sticky in these very forums when he had something ready.

Patience is all you have to cling to while you wait.

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