Nay to the free claws!

Round 2: Summoner and Witch

I planned on making an Eidolon that's a weapon wielding, armor-wearing biped. However, since he's a weapon-wielder (and a two weapon fighter, at that), the free claws are somewhat wasted.

I can see some of the free evolutions being a problem with a lot of Eidolon visions - not everyone's going to want their biped to have claws, or their quadruped to have a mouth fit for bite attacks, or their serpent to be able to climb.

Therefore, I propose that the following evolutions have the option to be exchanged for something else:

Quadruped: Exchange Bite for Claws

Biped: Exchange Claws for Simple Weapons

Serpentine: Exchange Climb for Swim

What do you all think?

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