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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

General Discussion
Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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UPDATE - Summoner

Fighters in the Advanced Players Guide

Cavalier and Oracle Playtest

A Man and his Dog, summoner playtest at level 9

Summoner: Too many summons?

Countdown to Witch and Summoner begins!

The Challenge Mechanic-Does it work?

The Wishlist - What feats would you like to see in the APG?

Alchemist and Inquisitor Playtest

Summoner and Witch Playtest

Round 2 Rules Questions:

summoners are outrageous

Summoner / Eidolon Changes

Oracle Suggestions

Too many spell casters

Cavalier First Impressions

Cavalier Alignment

New races?

The Witch Request Thread

New Iconics

An Explosive Revelation - Class roles and the alchemist


Eidolon Overpowered (yes, this argument again) and Alchemists in Dungeons

Familiar of the witch

Inquisitor - What changes would you like to see?

Massive Summoner Spell List Changes

Playtest arises questions

Should the witch be a wisdom-based caster?

Oracle-General First Impressions

Oracle, what's in a name...

Please, no unique spell lists!

New Prestige Classes please

Summoner + Eidolon can solo The Tarrasque

Bring on official "apprentice" level rules for Pathfinder!

UPDATE - A few simple Corrections

Welcome to the Final Playtest

Eidolons have AC of "Yes"

Alchemist - What changes would you like to see?

A Cavalier, an Oracle, a Summoner, a Witch, an Inquisitor, and an Alchemist walk into the City of Brass...

A Man and his Dog - part 2

Inquisitor feedback

Judgment Naming Problem

My eidolon can beat up your fighter

What EXACTLY is the inquisitor?

Less focus on mounted combat for Cavalier?

Eidolon is better than (insert class here)

Mutagens: A tad weak right now.

To be a Pokemon Master - Summoner SGT playtesting

Who here is disappointed with the new Cavalier?

Rules Questions

Inquisitors are the fiddliest fiddly class that ever fiddled

A modest proposal: The Alchemist

Possible Cavalier Rebuild.

Will there be half-drow?

Cavalier Mount - Alternatives?

Racism within the iconics?

Ability Scores - Using the right ones? (could we maybe change?)

Summoner: First impressions

Bad witch! No touchy! (A playtest report)

Oracle name-change ... please!

Witch: First impressions

Sample Eidolons

How do you back up your Witch Familiar spells?

Why are small Eidolons so debilitated?

Should Cavalier get Armor Training as Fighter have?

Sorry I can't be a part of the playtest.

Welcome to the APG Playtest

Split Summoner Progression Idea

Witch: Retarded healing progression.

Oracle mystery spells don't come in till 3rd level

I'm in love with my eidolon

Spells that should be on the witch's spell list

Other stuff in APG?

Big Eidolon too Big!

Must Have Infusion

Witch Familiar, Really Pig? No Monkey?

Give Summoner back SM 7, 8, and 9

Alchemist Errata

Buck Naked Barbarians

Man Love for Jason Bulmahn

Is a medium humanoid eidolon viable?

Oracle - Final Revelation Wind

What Playtesting Is

Evil Eye vs. Golem

Request - Fix Mounts In General

Discussion of Summoner (Eidolon focused)

Pre-playtest thoughts

Errata / Mistakes

Bombs have no range

Can somone bother to explain something to me?

New spells in the APG - What is Pathfinder missing?

Wow, goodbye Conjurer!

Oracle thoughts

Now I have played a Summoner, thoughts and feedback

An optimized level 20 Summoner, for comparisons

My issue with the Cavalier as a class...

New Foci for Oracle

The Inquisilich

Alternate Class Features / Variant Classes

Cavalier - Less Challenge, More Banners and Oaths

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