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Round 2: Summoner and Witch

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Summoner and Witch Playtest

UPDATE - Summoner

Spells that should be on the witch's spell list

Monsters that Summon Eidolons

Witches with the Improved Familiar Feat


Cool Idea for Summoner SLA

Witches, Curses, and the Spectral Hand spell

Eidolon's Spell-like Ability power *not broken*

Summoner Idea, or How I would like to see the summoner :)

Would the witch benefit from the feats that reduce the arcane spell failure?

Recursive Army of Recursion

Final Fantasy Eidolons

I'm in love with my eidolon

Thoughts as I play a Summoner

Summoner and evolution points on himself, IE LIMBS

All Around Vision Evolution?

Roleplaying the Summoner

The Summoner and Eidolon connection

Variations on the summoner, aka schools / bloodlines

Gate and the true Eidolon

Summoner lvl 11 Play Test

Two or more witches...

Redundancy with Eidolon and Weapon training (Ex):

Replace Summoner with Monster Class

Summoner playtest: Half-Eidolons and related topics

Size increase and damage

Toil and Trouble: Witch Content Ideas

Question about the Summoner spell list


Summoner Concept- Evolution Summons

Summoner: Great Solo Class, TERRIBLE for group play

Re-Invisioning Coven Hex

Summoner Weaknesses

Round 2 Rules Questions:

Mini Witch report

Witch Playtests; What the ...?

Alternate Witch Build

Eidolon question

Help building half-orc melee summoner

My summoner & witch playtest

My Mount The Eidolon

Eidolon Alteration (number of attacks)

Eidolon Overpowered (yes, this argument again) and Alchemists in Dungeons

Summoner Playtest--Level 1 Summoner Party Fights CR 5+ Creatures

Some thoughts of my build for savage tides *Summoner*

A Study of the Summoner

Evil Eye vs. Golem

Updates consolidated?

Druids of the Left-Handed Path... A re-imaging of the proposed witch

Witch - Familiar or Animal Companion?

Lvl 5 Summoner playtest

Witch's slightly offensive and a one dimensional

Armor Evolution - Explain why it's overpowered?

Ok, I need help building a summoner (apg)

Witch NPC playtest notes

Quick question about the eidolon.

Eidolon too powerful at early levels?

Boons vs hexes

Asgetrion's Witch and Cavalier playtest

Eidolon's Poison evolution

Otherworldly Powers, Alignment, Pacts, and the Commune coven hex

Level 1 Summoner Playtested

Archade's Witch Playtest

Hex: Blight effectiveness

New Hexes

Summoner & Tieflings' Fiendish Sorcery

Maker's Call question

Eidolon and Exotic Weapon Proficiencies.

Playtested 14th level summoner

The Master Fix for Small Eidolons, or: Hi Ho Summoner, Away!

Extra head evolution?

Summoner as Prepared Caster

Why are small Eidolons so debilitated?

Mini Playtest Report Witch

Level 10 summoner

Eidolon Question

Eidolon Slam

Summoner suggested additional options

Sample (PreGenerated) Summoner

Big Eidolon too Big!

Witch monkey familiar

Augment Summon and Eldonon

Houseruling a Witch.

Witch Archetypes

Big E and alter self

The Eidolon

Augment Summoning

Druid vs Summoner

Summoner / Witch (actual) playtest - 12 / 12 / 09

12 / 19 / 09 Summoner Playtest

Witches Hex Vision

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the Summoner

Please post your actual ingame live Eidolon (and summoner)

Improved Damage ruling question for the eidolon

Split Summoner Progression Idea

Council of Thieves Playtest - Summoner

Summoner level 5 Playtest

Witch: First impressions

An Idea for Smaller Eidolons

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