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Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle

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Cavalier and Oracle Playtest

A Cavalier's Oaths

Cavaliers should get inquisitor's tactical feat abilities

Oracle - Speaking in Tongues

Vilains cavaliers (NPC) in 13 th lvl adventure ...

An overall assessment of the Oracle

E.T.A. on alternate oracle foci?

New Foci for Oracle

Cavalier Mount Questions

Centaur cavalier

Oracle Wind Revelation thoughts

Another Cavalier Rebuild (PEACH kindly please)

Anticlimatic Playtest of an NPC Cavalier.


Is Firestorm overpowered?

Best curse for a multiclassed oracle

Multi-classing a Deaf Oracle

Errata / Mistakes

Oracle: Domains / Foci, Undead Turning, Revelations

Mini Playtest Report Oracle

Oracle Spell List

Oracle thoughts

Request - Fix Mounts In General

Multiclassed oracle

Oracle Deafened

Possible Cavalier Rebuild.

A Halfling Cavalier's Mount

Oracle playtest in AoW campaign

Cavalier in Action, Council of Thieves Campaign

The Challenge Mechanic-Does it work?

Cavalier Alignment

Cavalier orders

Order of the Sword's Mounted Mastery

Cavalier level 5 playtest

Sidebar on differences of a Cavalier, Knight, and Paladin

Cavalier - Less Challenge, More Banners and Oaths

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the Oracle

Less focus on mounted combat for Cavalier?

[Playtest] - Level 9 Oracle and Cav

KEJR's Council of Thieves Campaign Playtest Info: Cavalier Player Input (Creation Phase)

Suggested Oracle Focus: Secrets

Oracle Suggestions

Oracle level 5 playtest

Bone Oracle lv1 test (long)

COT Playtest of Battle Focus Oracle

Possible Oracle Rebuild

The Cavaliers lvl 20 ability

My issue with the Cavalier as a class...

Some very simple Oracle playtest observations

I dont think that the cavilier is particularly brave

Oracle abilities....

Final Revelation

Oracle Revelations: ECL or oracle level for restrictions?

Mount varieties

Should Cavalier get Armor Training as Fighter have?

Cavalier Playtest

Oracle, what's in a name...

Cavalier Playtest - 12th level

Cavalier -- playtest character in PFS

The Oracle & Cavalier

Oracle's Deafness Curse

Oracle’s & Homunculus?

DragonBringerX's (actual) Cavalier Playtest Feedback

Playtest Results - Level 5 PC

Starting GP

Oath of Protection

Level 7 Playtest: Hook Mountain; Fort Rannick

Some New Curses

Oracle tongues curse wackiness

Cavalier: Too much power creep already?

Order of the Dragon + Order of the Vulture (split / rewrite)

Order Discussion

Cavalier Playtest lvl 12

Combat healer

Cavalier First Impressions

Playtest 11 / 21 -- Level 4

Starting money

4th level Oracle Playtest

Curses, Rage, and Revelations

Some Cavalier Notes

Alternative class features for Oracle (a la Unearthed Arcana)

As much as I like the Cavalier...

Possible Oracle Options

Clarifications on spell levels for focus spells

Is "Orders" the right term to use and a few other thoughts

Multiclassing new classes

Oracle missing important curse

Progressive curse penalties.

Oracle of Fire

Possible Oracle Trait or Feat

Cavalier Mount - Alternatives?

Waves Oracle - Freezing Spells

Playtest arises questions

Change to Cavalier's Challenge.

Oracle hit points / BaB mismatch?

Changing the oracles flavor

Cavalier / Paladin Challenge / Smite

Suggestions for Cavalier's abilities

Two elves in a basket

Possibility of Scout Class in subsequent rounds

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