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Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor

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Alchemist and Inquisitor Playtest

I'm confuse as to the role the Alchemist plays, I also love the Inquisitor.

Alchemist - What changes would you like to see?

Suggestions for Alchemist equipment?

Can you Vital Strike with a bomb?

The Gnome Calculus AKA the bomb thrower.

Simple and quick question

I like the alchemist being selfish

Inquisitor feedback

Odd question - alchemist bomb noise level

Just noticed....

Alchemist does not get 0 level formulae

Why tactical feats?

Elementalist Alchemist

Tactical Feats - Where are they found?

Inquisitor - What changes would you like to see?

A placetest (or two) of the Alchemist

The Inquisilich

Alchemist and Inquisitor Playtest (actual), 1 / 1, 1 / 8, 1 / 15

Inquisitor Stat Priorety

Alchemist Rebuild Based of Numerous Suggestion Posts

Mage's Disjunction vs Alchemist

So my Alchemist is imprisoned and naked...

Some changes to the Alchemist.

A Variant Revised Alchemist

Starting Gold

Playtest round 3

Magic Items for an Alchemist

Expanded Alchemical Items list


O-level extracts??

Alchemists vs certain kinds of enemies.

Bomb idea

Alchemist playtest (Minor spoilers for Entombed with the Pharaohs)

My Thoughts and Suggestions for the Alchemist

Alchemist Playtest (Rise of the Runelords Spoilers)

You have Acquired Big Bomb Bag

Can you apply poison to bombs?

Alchemist’s Elixirs & Formulae List

A modest proposal: The Alchemist

Alchemist Formulae - 0 lvl?

Alchemist Bombs comparison

Mutagens: A tad weak right now.

Further Playtesting The Alchemist

Inquisitor Playtest.. 1st level.. 3 PFS adventures

Making an Alchemist

Inquisitors and the Sun Domain

Disable Device and the Alchemist

Alchemists and non-costly material components

Alchemist / Inquisitor Playtest

Alchemist / Inquisitor Playtest

Bombs have no range

Diety specific spells

Alchemist - Pharmacist

Alchemist Range Issue.. easy fix

More of a flavour thing than anything else

Larval Playtest, Making Up an Alchemist and Inquisitor at 5th Level

Playtesting the Alchemist

Inquisitor, Alchemist, Witch and Cavalier playtest! (More to come)

Activation time of extracts

Odentin's Alchemist Playtest

Alchemist and Discoveries: Too little, too late?

Shaped Splash

Playtest Report: Alchemist in a PFS Scenario

Bombs requre 2 rounds to use and provoke 3 attacks of opportunity?

Do Bomb Effects Stack?

Inquisitor Terminology Proposed Changes

Mutagens: Why Not Use Evolution Points

For an Alchemist ‘Bomber’ Build, Some Problems and Possible Fixes

How many items can an Alchemist Craft between Mods?

Mutagens & Cha Damage

Could you use Swift Alchemy (immediate action to poison a weapon) as part of an AoO?

How many, if any? - An Alchemist Equipment Question

Breaking free of 3.5 casting schedules

Gross! A Mutagen inquirery.

Why are Concussive bombs so ineffective at what they do?

Alchemist as Elementalist?

Full Metal Alchemist

Quick thoughts on the Alchemist

Craft Reserve and Prestige classes (Alchemists)

Don't call them potions!

Name Changes

An Explosive Revelation - Class roles and the alchemist

Alchemist and Linguistics

6 person lvl 1 party vs. lvl 3 Inquisitor & lvl 2 Alchemist

I want to like the alchemist

Alchemist's Throw Anything

Judgment Naming Problem

Alchemist question

Alchemist-First impressions

Bombs, energy damage, and torches that can't set wood on fire.

Playtest 12-18

Extra Judgement

Question regarding Swift and Instant Alchemy

Inquisitor: The Bane Property

Alchemists and costly material components

One thing that would fix alchemists and make them great as is!

Philosophers stone

Vital Strike + Bomb?

Reviewing the Alchemist

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