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Standardize Rules for Half-Races Across All Ancestries

Alchemical Familiar?

Class Feats are my group's biggest problem with PF2e

What are Perception DC, Reflex DC, & Will DC for monsters?

Wait, shields use both your action AND your reaction? What?!


Druid: What is Humanoid Transformation?

PSA: You're Probably Doing the Critical Rules wrong (I was!)

Nat 20 and Nat 1

Skill Feat: Intimidating Prowess

Fighter: Brutish Shove failure mode does not make sense. Typo?

Ki Rush is a bit confusing - can the monk do all that in one action?

survey and races you want to see.

Elves & Drow

Add +1 / 2 to the alchemist’s bomb damage and splash damage question

New Pathfinder 2nd edition podcast

What is the purpose of a Angelic Sorcerer?

Screen-reader Rulebook and black-and-white character sheet downloads now available!

PCs should get more skill increases

What Does a Deity-less Spiritual Weapon Look Like?

Dancing Leaf

Converted Rise of the Runelords Playtest

Number of Glyphs of Warding with Archetypes?

Grapple vs Fortitude?

Giant Totem's Large Weapons

Wild Druid form feats become obsolete even though they are required as prerequisites

Unofficial Kineticist FAQ Q&A thread.

Future Kinectist

General Discussion: Mesmerist

Grappling and moving?

PFS2 - Bargain hunter feat

Item slots still a problem

Monk Stance Attacks and Flurry of Blows

Pathbuilder 2e (android app)

Alchemist Advanced Alchemy Leveling

Ranger's Monster Hunter feat

Taking almost any feat multiple times

Succubus In Another Grapple

Untrained Armored Wizards vs Mage Armor

Why not play a divine sorcerer?

What do you see the patron as?

Other potential classes?

Concealment Spell or Hex For WortWitch

Playtest Retrospective Summary

People are complaining about crackle but that is not the source of the issue

Why witches should have one spell list

Draw Boundary

Crafting: Or how I learned to love the cauldron

What does the Investigator use Intelligence for?

Methodology - Stream Feedback

Paizo Blog: Last Week of the Playtest!

Investigator suffers from a significant problem in Pathfinder 2E

Lesson's Spells

Take the Case and Player Expectations

So... about our squishy spellbooks.

Adding up Cleric vs. Oracle.

Why can't witches choose the divine tradition?

[PEACH] Alternate mechanic for Study Suspect

Thoughts, and a Thank You!

Oracle Curses - Thoughts and Options: from always on; what advances them; to multi-class dedication implications

The powers-that-be should re-read Pathfinder Tales: Pirate's Prophecy, by Chris Jackson...

So Patrons do nothing mechanically?

The PF1 Witch, what do you want to carry over?

Oracle Playtest Builds Thread

Investigator Combat Options

Investigator Feedback

Why are we repeating the Rogue's weapons restrictions?

Sharing my favorite swashbuckler build from the playtest

[Playtest] Fall of Plaguestone

Minor nitpick about Nudge Fate wording

Hexes: Is Focus + 1 / target / day too restrictive?

[Playtest] So I played a high level witch...

RAW, Can Familiars cast spells on their own?

Please Add Some Synergy with the Aldori Duelist

Ritual as the core Witch dynamic.

New Treasure Management Tool

APG Luck Mechanic For All Four Classes

New Ancestries for Advanced Player's Guide?

Braggart frilled-lizardfolk swashbuckler using Threatening Approach to circle back to demoralize foe

Oracle too player / party unfriendly?

Living Hair

Life Oracle is better off pretending it's not an Oracle (and it sucks at low level)

Life Oracle Feat?

One thing bothering me on swashbuckler

Confident Finish failure effect question

Precise Strike default damage

The Patron as the object of the Witch's focused study

Investigators And Panache

Paizo Blog: Welcome to the Advanced Player’s Guide Playtest!

Why limit which skills swashbucklers can use to gain panache?

What's a mystery then?

Future playtesting of non-classiness?

Needs variable key ability and a style that supports disarm.

Witch nails

A look back on the PF1 curses

Combat Clue only once / 10 minutes?

Witches need Reach Spell as a feat option

Precise Strike Wording

The great divine witch debate

Witch Thoughts

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