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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

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Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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Cavalier now available on

Krzysztof the Cavalier

Ironborn (Malhavoc Press) 3rd-level cavalier of the lion NPC

APG Playtest Blog!

New names for focuses

Cavalier: Too many little bonuses?

Oracle's Combat Healer Revelation Clarification

What is the Mechanical Niche of the Cavalier Class?

Oracle - Battlecry and Speak in Tongues

Playtest Schedule

Cavalier, adding some flexibility.

Playtest Observation - Cavalier Steps on Paladin's Toes

Uses for Wind Sight -- Does it need a longer duration?

Oracles unattached to Domains

On the names of things...

Playtest 11-15

Oracle - Focus as a name ...

The Challenge

New Golarion class origins

Cavalier - Mount Death

Oracle-General First Impressions

Starting money for the Cavalier?

The Cavalier's Got a Fragile Pet

Cavalier and Oracle playtest report and questions - 11 / 13

The Oath Thread

Challenge Part 2

Movie lines that fit the new classes

Suggested Oracle Curse and Mystery (Focus, whatever)

Cavalier Mount abilities issues

Oracle-Deaf (reading lips)

Oracle-Earth Glide

Oracles and a table of focus-domain associations

Oracle casting

Rules Questions

Thoughts on the oaths

Duration of Revelations... Misread?

[Oracle] Armor of Bones: Clarification / feedback

The Toe-Steppin' Halfling Brigade Playtest

Oracle: Damage abilities just aren't that strong.

Clarifications / Error Reports

Different Oracles Should Have Different Spell Lists

Cavalier Cockatrice Lvl 15 ability... Act As One

Oracle: Spell List

Patfinder Playtest mentioned on!

Oracle semi-playtest thoughts

Pre-playtest thoughts

Yet Another Cavalier's Mount Thread

Cavaliers in high society

More oracle curses?

Mighty Pebble + Sling

Surprising Charge

Will we see a preview for the changes being made to the classes?

Catch-all post with my concerns, questions and complaints

Cavalier as a class is redundant

Base class versus Prestige Class?!

Any word on when we will see more Foci for the Oracle ?

Curses: What are they good for?

Pathfinder playtest on RPoL

Waiting to be flamed

Burning magic does it stack? multiple hits and multiple oracles

Oracles, Cavaliers, Curses & Orders

Another way of looking at the Oracle.

If you don't want my opinion, then please do not ask

Burning magic and spell level

Cavalier and Oracle playtest report and questions - 11 / 20

Cavalier Oaths for NPCs

Playtest Report - Level 9 Bone Oracle

Multiclassed Oracle / Oracle?

Cavalier / Paladin

Possibility of Scout Class in subsequent rounds

Two elves in a basket

Suggestions for Cavalier's abilities

Cavalier / Paladin Challenge / Smite

APG fairly Golarion specific?

Changing the oracles flavor

Oracle hit points / BaB mismatch?

Change to Cavalier's Challenge.

Playtest arises questions

Waves Oracle - Freezing Spells

Cavalier Mount - Alternatives?

Possible Oracle Trait or Feat

Oracle of Fire

Progressive curse penalties.

Oracle missing important curse

Multiclassing new classes

Is "Orders" the right term to use and a few other thoughts

Clarifications on spell levels for focus spells

New races?

Possible Oracle Options

As much as I like the Cavalier...

Alternative class features for Oracle (a la Unearthed Arcana)

Some Cavalier Notes

Curses, Rage, and Revelations

The Witch has got what the Oracle lacks - Vision

Summoner actions: lots of standards?

Summoner: A few too many summons?

Eidolon / times per day

Hex ranges and stuff

Summoner: Controlling / Commanding Eidolon

Divine version of the summoner?

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