4th level Oracle Playtest

Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle

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I played a human wind oracle at 4th level, and I really enjoyed it. I was able to use a mixture of the Air Barrier revelation and Invisibility revelation to really make good use of the oracle's spells to heal the party and boost them while staying unaffected by enemies; I took the tounges oracle curse (Auran), but it wasn't so bad; the entire party just took Auran so the curse didn't really matter.

My only complaint was that I felt a bit restricted by the spells known (but I understand the trade-off so it's not so bad) and that other than the oracle's curse, there isn't anything about the class that is very "I can see into the future" Weren't the oracles of ancient legend cursed because of their ability to see things not yet come to pass? Where is any ability at all to do this? Did I miss it?

I like this class. But it might be worth renaming it to something else if you don't give it some sort of precognitive ability.

These are my thoughts. Is there anything else I should tell you? (I've never given a playtest report before)

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