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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest General Discussion

Notice: Playtest period nearly over

What Playtesting Is

Welcome to the APG Playtest

Racism within the iconics?

Request for the APG: Firearm support

Eberron and the new classes

Testing methodology proposal

A Cavalier, an Oracle, a Summoner, a Witch, an Inquisitor, and an Alchemist walk into the City of Brass...

The Wishlist - What feats would you like to see in the APG?

Fox familiar.. wizard / sorcerer? stats?

Miniatures for Druid as an Large Earth Elemental

Minatures for Alchemists

Eidolon... can it be a rogue?

Eidolon base forms

Recruiting Dragons

Playtest (Summoner, Witch, Cavalier, Ranger)

starting equipment for 6 new classes


General rules questions

Limitations of the Paladin's Code

Fighter / Captain - Leaders of Men (Alternate class features / feats)

Arcane Monk dues it need change??

PrCs in the APG?

Can somone bother to explain something to me?

New Classes and Magic Item Creation

Are there still plans to release revised forms of the APG classes?

Request: Racial Reincarnate Traites

Feedback due date?

Fighters in the Advanced Players Guide

Oracle / Sorcerer and Mystic Theurge

Request for Content in the Advanced Players Guide

House rules to increase Counterspelling Use

Question regarding things other than new classes

Alternate Class Features / Variant Classes

My group's play-test so far

Bring on official "apprentice" level rules for Pathfinder!

Other stuff in APG?

New spells in the APG - What is Pathfinder missing?

ETA on re-worked advanced classes ?

Feats That Make Sense and Will help with Weak Multiclassing

New Prestige Classes please

Hybrids in Pathfinder?

Cavalier as Samurai?

Are any class updates coming soon?

What does Paizo want from each class?

Elementalists - Where is the love?

Buck Naked Barbarians

What EXACTLY is the inquisitor?

Wheel of Time and Pathfinder

Mistfinder (Pathfinder in Ravenloft)

Will there be half-drow?

Too many spell casters

Playtest report

Outflank and Paired Opportunists

Inquisitor now available on

20th LVL Playtest (5 of 6 new classes)

Alchemist now available on

Class concept overlap and iconic appearance - or, My poor uncle thought his name was Mar-pa-jack until age 5

Identify This

Man Love for Jason Bulmahn

Going further with prestige classes?

Latest versions?

Being objective

Brief Inquisitor and Oracle Playtest

New Monk weapon: Wraps

Quick show of hands

Questions about how to playtest

Can't find a mention....

Sorry I can't be a part of the playtest.

Possible January Changes

Bring on the Bad Guys!

Is the playtest really ending on the 27th?

The New Champions - A Look At A Party Of New Iconics

A note on first impressions

Good ideas from the entire playtest

New Iconics

A Theory About What The Alchemist Will Be Like

New Domains?

Spell Lists of the Classes and Future Support.

Round 3, Today or Monday?

New Items in APG?

Thor's Questions

Request - Please sticky class updates

20-Levels Base Classes Vs Prestige Classes


Starting gold

Summoner and Witch Impressions

Another witch question

The adjustment

Inquisitor via Joel Abercrombie

The Witch- tell me if I have this right.

The Witch Request Thread

Too late for new ideas?

Countdown to Witch and Summoner begins!

New races?

APG fairly Golarion specific?

Base class versus Prestige Class?!

Catch-all post with my concerns, questions and complaints

Will we see a preview for the changes being made to the classes?

Patfinder Playtest mentioned on!

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