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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

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Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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Mistfinder (Pathfinder in Ravenloft)

Alchemists and non-costly material components

Alchemist / Inquisitor Playtest

Alchemist / Inquisitor Playtest

Playtested 14th level summoner

Bombs have no range

Diety specific spells

The Master Fix for Small Eidolons, or: Hi Ho Summoner, Away!

Will there be half-drow?

Too many spell casters

A Halfling Cavalier's Mount

Oracle playtest in AoW campaign

Alchemist - Pharmacist

Playtest report

Outflank and Paired Opportunists

Extra head evolution?

Summoner as Prepared Caster

Cavalier in Action, Council of Thieves Campaign

Why are small Eidolons so debilitated?

Mini Playtest Report Witch

Alchemist Range Issue.. easy fix

Level 10 summoner

Inquisitor now available on

More of a flavour thing than anything else

Larval Playtest, Making Up an Alchemist and Inquisitor at 5th Level

The Challenge Mechanic-Does it work?

20th LVL Playtest (5 of 6 new classes)

Eidolon Question

Cavalier Alignment

Eidolon Slam

Summoner suggested additional options

Alchemist now available on

Class concept overlap and iconic appearance - or, My poor uncle thought his name was Mar-pa-jack until age 5

Playtesting the Alchemist

Sample (PreGenerated) Summoner

Inquisitor, Alchemist, Witch and Cavalier playtest! (More to come)

Activation time of extracts

Odentin's Alchemist Playtest

Big Eidolon too Big!

Alchemist and Discoveries: Too little, too late?

Shaped Splash

Identify This

Man Love for Jason Bulmahn

Playtest Report: Alchemist in a PFS Scenario

Cavalier orders

Bombs requre 2 rounds to use and provoke 3 attacks of opportunity?

Witch monkey familiar

Do Bomb Effects Stack?

Inquisitor Terminology Proposed Changes

Mutagens: Why Not Use Evolution Points

For an Alchemist ‘Bomber’ Build, Some Problems and Possible Fixes

Going further with prestige classes?

Latest versions?

Augment Summon and Eldonon

How many items can an Alchemist Craft between Mods?

Mutagens & Cha Damage

Could you use Swift Alchemy (immediate action to poison a weapon) as part of an AoO?

Order of the Sword's Mounted Mastery

Cavalier level 5 playtest

Houseruling a Witch.

Witch Archetypes

Sidebar on differences of a Cavalier, Knight, and Paladin

How many, if any? - An Alchemist Equipment Question

Big E and alter self

Breaking free of 3.5 casting schedules

Gross! A Mutagen inquirery.

The Eidolon

Why are Concussive bombs so ineffective at what they do?

Augment Summoning

Alchemist as Elementalist?

Druid vs Summoner

Cavalier - Less Challenge, More Banners and Oaths

Full Metal Alchemist

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the Oracle

Summoner / Witch (actual) playtest - 12 / 12 / 09

Being objective

Quick thoughts on the Alchemist

12 / 19 / 09 Summoner Playtest

Less focus on mounted combat for Cavalier?

Craft Reserve and Prestige classes (Alchemists)

Don't call them potions!

Witches Hex Vision

Brief Inquisitor and Oracle Playtest

Name Changes

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the Summoner

An Explosive Revelation - Class roles and the alchemist

Please post your actual ingame live Eidolon (and summoner)

Improved Damage ruling question for the eidolon

Alchemist and Linguistics

New Monk weapon: Wraps

Split Summoner Progression Idea

Council of Thieves Playtest - Summoner

Summoner level 5 Playtest

6 person lvl 1 party vs. lvl 3 Inquisitor & lvl 2 Alchemist

Quick show of hands

I want to like the alchemist

[Playtest] - Level 9 Oracle and Cav

Witch: First impressions

Alchemist's Throw Anything

An Idea for Smaller Eidolons

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