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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

General Discussion
Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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Oracle of Flame Burning Magic useless before 6th level, never really good before 10th

Why must limbs be bought 2 at a time?

My impressions of the Cavalier

Witches with the Improved Familiar Feat

Eidolon clarification

Addition to the summoner

The Cavalier's Supreme Charge and Spirited Charge

Alchemist and Item creation feats

Herbert West The Alchemist


Order of the Sword Cavalier

Alchemist Throw Anything

Inquisitor weapon proficiencies

Alchemists and Rapid Shot

APG Playtest Classes Rules Thread

Cavalier: Order of the Sword issue

Summoner - Eidolons and Armor

List of Cavalier Changes

Tactician + Order of the Cockatrice = Weirdness

Alchemist formulae list

Question for DMs

List of Summoner Changes

Cavalier Mount 'Dependence"

Limitations of the Paladin's Code

Question about "Raise the Dead" Oracle Mystery

Those poor Cavaliers, stuck on a horse / camel!

Cavalier: Demanding Challenge

Teamwork Feat: Swap Places

A couple Witch observations

Bring back Cavalier Oaths!

Oracle Armor

Oracle Improved, but Fort Save inconsistent with Armor Proficiency

Suggestions for Alchemist equipment?

Playtest of the Witch and Oracle

Where is Alchemist Formulae List?

Paizo Blog: Advanced Player’s Guide Playtest, Bonus Round!

Can you Vital Strike with a bomb?

Witch's Spells per day

Grand Mutagen ability possible typo?

Cool Idea for Summoner SLA

The Gnome Calculus AKA the bomb thrower.

Fighter / Captain - Leaders of Men (Alternate class features / feats)

Simple and quick question

Arcane Monk dues it need change??

PrCs in the APG?

Can somone bother to explain something to me?

Witches, Curses, and the Spectral Hand spell

I like the alchemist being selfish

New Classes and Magic Item Creation

Inquisitor feedback

Eidolon's Spell-like Ability power *not broken*

Are there still plans to release revised forms of the APG classes?

Odd question - alchemist bomb noise level

Vilains cavaliers (NPC) in 13 th lvl adventure ...

Just noticed....

Summoner Idea, or How I would like to see the summoner :)

Would the witch benefit from the feats that reduce the arcane spell failure?

Recursive Army of Recursion

Request: Racial Reincarnate Traites

Feedback due date?

An overall assessment of the Oracle

Fighters in the Advanced Players Guide

Final Fantasy Eidolons

I'm in love with my eidolon

E.T.A. on alternate oracle foci?

Alchemist does not get 0 level formulae

Thoughts as I play a Summoner

Summoner and evolution points on himself, IE LIMBS

All Around Vision Evolution?

Why tactical feats?

Roleplaying the Summoner

Elementalist Alchemist

Oracle / Sorcerer and Mystic Theurge

New Foci for Oracle

The Summoner and Eidolon connection

Cavalier Mount Questions

Variations on the summoner, aka schools / bloodlines

Gate and the true Eidolon

Request for Content in the Advanced Players Guide

Tactical Feats - Where are they found?

Summoner lvl 11 Play Test

House rules to increase Counterspelling Use

Inquisitor - What changes would you like to see?

Question regarding things other than new classes

Cavalier and Oracle Playtest

Two or more witches...

Alternate Class Features / Variant Classes

Centaur cavalier

Redundancy with Eidolon and Weapon training (Ex):

Replace Summoner with Monster Class

Summoner playtest: Half-Eidolons and related topics

Size increase and damage

My group's play-test so far

Toil and Trouble: Witch Content Ideas

Oracle Wind Revelation thoughts

Question about the Summoner spell list


Bring on official "apprentice" level rules for Pathfinder!

Summoner Concept- Evolution Summons

Other stuff in APG?

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