Duration (until dismissed) and summon once per day

Round 2: Summoner and Witch

Seems like combining "until dismissed" duration and allowing summons once per day would lead to the eidolon being around all the time and dismissed only when it has a bunch of damage. Sort of an instant reboot after a rough combat. You do have the risk of it getting killed and having to wait until the next day.

I'm curious what other people think of this. Just another form of healing?

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I dont have a problem with it, I think the eidolon should be around most of the time. I wouldnt want to see it become like for lack of a better world a pokemon where the first thing a summoner does every fight is summon the eidolon.

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I think the summoner's lack of healing spells is nicely offset by 1 free full heal per day. This is obviously not a combat panic button as it takes 1 min to summon him again. However, it is nice to have a way to help out your eidolon without relying on the cleric to do it. Besides, does channel energy normal work on outsiders? if so you wouldn't need the elemental channel/alignment cannel feats....

Yes, channel positive energy works on anything that is alive, which outsiders are unless otherwise specified.

I don't have a huge problem with it, but I would be okay with making the duration 24 hours from the time of summoning (roughly). In other words, you summon it in the morning and the next morning you have to summon it again. Alternatively you could restrict the summoning to a certain time per day. My only issue is that I don't see a good RP reason for this sort of limitation.

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