Wow, goodbye Conjurer!

Round 2: Summoner and Witch

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Kolokotroni wrote:
Spacelard wrote:
Pierce Coady wrote:

Hmmmm. So I can communicate with the summoned monster enough to bring it to this plane and tell it to attack a specific target in a room of potential targets but then it will ignore me because I don't speak Celestial Hippogryph? Thats probably RAW, as all things are possible with magic, but I think I will continue to let my players communicate with any monster they can summon. I appreciate the feedback

Yep. That is why the language Celestial is on the list and why Linguistics is a dandy skill for summoners.
actually thats the kicker, they dont automatically speak celestial anymore, check the pathfinder celestial/infernal templates. That was according to staff intentionally removed.

... Great, we have 'intelligent' creatures, with 3+int, and they can't even understand a spoken language? Wow, I know one thing I'm houseruling.

(Also, in 3.5 the GM was free to determine it was Celestial or Infernal or Abyssal, but the 'baseline' actually implied they understood, but not spoke, common)

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Actually, they got rid of the fact that it raises the Int of the creature at all. A Celestial dog still has a 2 Int, for example.

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Dennis da Ogre wrote:

I recall a few people complaining about casters spamming hippogriphs in 3.5 :D

That's why the critter was completely removed from the summoning lists.

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