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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

General Discussion
Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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Niggling alchemist issues

Tactical Feat for Ranged / Melee pairs?

Thoughts on the Alchemist

"I pronounce Judgement on thee and give mineself Healing!" Huh?

Alchemists Teaching Alchemists

Inquisitor - A Better Cavalier than the Cavalier?

New Feats

Divination School + Inquisitor + lookout tactical feat = everyone acts in the surprise round?

New Domains?

Ia Ia Nom Nom Nom!

Alchemist infusions question and more

Spell Lists of the Classes and Future Support.

Custom recipes

Elixir of Life Question

Alchemists. No arcane spell failure chance?

Eternal potion

Inquisitor: Evasion with a poor Reflex save?

Summoner PC in Burnt Offerings

judgements per day vs per encounter

Alchemist Oversight?

Discovery combinations

Judgement before surprise round?

Do tactical feats do what they want to do?

Inquisitor: True Judgment

Round 3, Today or Monday?

Playtest - Sampson the Summoner and his Eidolon (The Crusher)

12 / 13 / 09 - Playtest

Some very simple Oracle playtest observations

Witch debugging

Hexing Questions

From My playtest - Issues with Hexes

New evolution ideas

8th level Witch playtest - large group 1-shot

I dont think that the cavilier is particularly brave

Witch vs thieves world witch

My vision of the summoner

Oracle abilities....

Summoner Playtest: NPC and PC

Final Revelation

Oracle Revelations: ECL or oracle level for restrictions?

Summoning is Different for a Summoner

Claws rules clarification please

Stone Giant Summoner, For Rise of the Runelords Campaign.

Mount varieties

A Man and his Dog, summoner playtest at level 9

New Items in APG?

Playtest of various classes from various angles

Familiar of the witch

Summoner...Witch....and combat.

Summoner Playtest report

Witch Playtest (High Level)

Question about Huge / Large Summoner evolutions.

Fighter to Eilodon Comparison

On Primary and Secondary Attacks

Cross class query

Summoner Feat Question

Eidolons and reach

My Eidolon Casts Wish 3 / day at 18th level

My thoughts on the summoner

Thor's Questions

Eidolon: Size and Ease of Play

Should Cavalier get Armor Training as Fighter have?

Discussion of Summoner (Eidolon focused)

Cavalier Playtest

Playtest 12 / 7

Alternate Summoner Build

Poncy Elven Theater... An ongoing playtest log

Oracle, what's in a name...

Cavalier Playtest - 12th level

Witch playtest -- Hex

The tripping summoner.

Familiar Bonus Spells

Wording on Life link. Free action?

The Summoner is a disaster (the activations problem)

Mispriced evolutions

Suggestion - Controlling the gear of an eidolon.

Witch playtest in RotRL campaign

Level 1 summoner playtest notes 12 / 5 / 2009

Witch Hex questions

Cavalier -- playtest character in PFS

Summoner 2 Spell Levels Behind...

Summoner: Life Link / Life Bond and Die-Hard

Summoner Playtest Results and Thoughts

The Oracle & Cavalier

Alternate way of Handling Equipment on Eidelons

Boon Companion & Summoner

Oracle's Deafness Curse

Now I have played a Summoner, thoughts and feedback Part Two

1v1 playtest

Playtested all four new classes level 12,

Summoner Summoning Compromise

Suggestion - Better summons or More summons?

Idea for the Summoner - Thoughts?

Eidolon AC and Armor

Sins of the Saviors: A Summoner and Oracle playtest.

Eidolons, permanancy, tomes, and permanent effects

Doreen Kreeg - Ogre Witch 9

Witchy Spell Focus

Update question.

Summoner SMX ability

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