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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

General Discussion
Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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Oracle mystery spells don't come in till 3rd level

Racism within the iconics?

The Big Make-Over: The Witch and Replacement Familiars

Alchemists and Nightmare

Inquisitors are the fiddliest fiddly class that ever fiddled

End of the Playtest

Good Alchemist Feats.

Request for the APG: Firearm support

Final thoughts on the Alchemist.

How do you back up your Witch Familiar spells?

Coven hex

Witch is the Prettiest Class, my deary?

Welcome to the Final Playtest

Alchemist + Infusion + Death

Eberron and the new classes

Alchemist Discoveries, feats and equipment my group thought out.

Inquisitor: Why not ranged weapons?

Eidolon and Natural Healing

Cavalier's Banner

Can the Eidolon speak?

Inquisitor BAB / HD

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the Witch

I'm confuse as to the role the Alchemist plays, I also love the Inquisitor.

Alchemist and Cavlier as NPCs playtest

Inquisitor Playtest

Small Cavalier mounts

Testing methodology proposal

A Cavalier, an Oracle, a Summoner, a Witch, an Inquisitor, and an Alchemist walk into the City of Brass...

The Wishlist - What feats would you like to see in the APG?

Slingshot Alchemist?

Witch Encounter Playtest Results

Does the Eidolon get revenge?

Notice: Playtest period nearly over

Notice: Playtest period nearly over!

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the Oracle

Who here is disappointed with the new Cavalier?

summoners are outrageous

A Man and his Dog - part 2

Fox familiar.. wizard / sorcerer? stats?

Alchermist Bomb Discoveries

Oracle: Curses & Mysteries

Cavalier Order Names

Alchemist and Inquisitor Playtest

New Idea on Eidolon's Base Forms

Oracle: Overall Thoughts

A Bit More For Mutagens Please (and a Brew Potion boost to)

Inquisitor, Alchemist, Cavalier, Summoner and Witch Playtest

Minor Creation... so useful they get it twice

Toughness, Familiar, and Toughness

Any good eidolon feat ideas?

Oracle: Playtest

Feats, traits, hexes and familiars to reflect a witch's pact.

Summoner and Witch Playtest

Why can't I put rake on a quadruped eidolon?

Does a mounted cavalier count as "adjacent" to his mount...

Eidolon: Poison

High Level Witch

Craft Alchemy and the Alchemist

Eidolon BAB

The Alchemist and item creation.

Alchemists Extend / Eternal Potion and Explosive bombs?

Do you fell the summoner is still too close to the conjurer?

Miniatures for Druid as an Large Earth Elemental

Alchemist Build: Looking for feedback

A couple of all-APG class encounters

Spells that should be on the witch's spell list

Level 5 Alchemist Playtest

Summoner / Eidolon Changes

Nitpick for Jason -- Bonus feats and prerequisites

The Wizard / Alchemist.

Inquisitor: Stalwart ability (possible copy&paste error?)

Oracle name-change ... please!

PEACH Eidolon homebrew magic item

Bombs, telekinesis and snatch arrows...

Formulae and Spell List Guidelines --- Thorough!

Oracle's Lore Mystery Prereq for Mystic Theurge?

Is the spell Shatter the bane of the Alchemist?

What happens when an oracle becomes an angel

UPDATE - A few simple Corrections

Alchemist's Brew Potion

Eidolon and Magic Items

Oracle: Elemental mysteries & the 3 new - Spells and skills

An optimized level 20 Summoner, for comparisons

Oracle - Final Revelation Wind

Eidolon snatch versus grab

Probably too late but... (summoner)

Haven't you always wanted a flying, undead monkey? A witch's (Improved) familiar

Minatures for Alchemists

Witch Familiar, Really Pig? No Monkey?

Update: additional summoner changes

Eidolon... can it be a rogue?

Oracle - Heavens mystery

Alchemist Discoveries

Can the Alchemist make use of Metamagic?

Accelerated Drinker Trait and the Alchemist

Does one have to split limited evolutions between the eidolon and summoner?

Is a medium humanoid eidolon viable?

Summon Monster (Standard Action) Question

Error in Oracle Lore mystery?

Minutes / day summoning and SLAs

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