Witch Familiar, Really Pig? No Monkey?

Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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Monkey...Flying Monkey... *evil grin*

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I bet there's no monkey because it would be the only one with opposable thumbs.

There could be no monkey because too many DM's quickly become obsessed with the things. One guy I game with tells a story where a player went over the table and kicked the crap out the DM after 4 straight weeks of flying monkeys. He couldn't even have the satisfaction of kicking the player out of the game either. Ring of DM Control and all that...........

I would like to have a fainting goat a mine the second a monster comes by it would hit the groud like a rock and stay there. Monsters usually kill the moving targets. Also look up fainting goats very funny

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Rufus Reeven wrote:

I'm glad they included the pig...it caters to at least one literary/mythological source: Henwen the prophetic pig from the Chronicles of Prydain (loosely based on Welsh mythology)...

So power to the pigs!

I wonder how many DM's are going to smack themselves in the foreheads when they realize why the witch in their party is named Eilonwy.


Hmm, it looks like some people here are unaware of a lesser known octopus variety found in the Pacific Northwest. I submit to you The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

I suggest doing a google image search for the "Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus" to see some wonderful images of this beast in its natural habitat.

The short of it is, a witch's octopus familiar can probably get along just fine both in and out of water.

Close. I was sucked in until I read the bit about the Sasquatch population rising. Then I knew.

We have more to worry about than the Tree Octopus going extinct! The Sasquatch.

But really, why no spider familiar? For the creepy and/or Evil witch, nothing says messed up like a spider familiar. Building webs everywhere, the witch talking while comparing herself to a spider, (ie. I've caught you in my web... OF DOOM!) and the such. Just find it odd that there is no spider. :/

Spider is an iconic witch pet. Yah why no spider?

I was justing looking over the list of familiars and thought, "Hey, there's no monkey."

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

Please, add monkey to the list.

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