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Clouded Vision:
"You cannot see anything beyond 30 feet, but you can see as if you had darkvision (this replaces any darkvision you might gain from your race)."
Isn't the bolded part completely superfluous? So what if you already had DV? Having it granted from another source doesn't change anything, and the vision limit would still be in place. What is the exact difference of THIS DV "replacing" my normal DV? Can't this wording be dropped?

"One of your legs is permanently wounded, reducing your base land speed by 10 feet (5 feet if you are Small)."
Already brought up before the Update, this should really be based off of Base Speed, not Size. 10 Move Speed Dwarven Oracles are just sadistic and un-necessary. Does a Lame Dwarf REALLY need to be slower than a Lame Halfling?


Bones Mystery:

Armor of Bones:
If it HAS to be Armor Bonus for some reason (vs. Natural), it seems like either kicking UP the bonus by 2 at each tier, or making the duration/activation more enticing, would be more than reasonable. As is, nobody would ever take it for the AC bonus itself. If Mysteries are selectable at a certain level (in this case, 1st level), they need to be ATTRACTIVE to take at that level. This isn't.

Bleeding Wounds:
This just makes me feel the Bones Oracle should have a Negative Energy Channel (which would be interesting for Good-Aligned Bones Oracles). Sure, make it an optional Mystery to choose, with a Level Requirement. I would by far rather see that than the underwhelming Death's Touch mystery, which is just a weak Inflict Wounds/ Cure for Undead with Turn Resistance.
Command Undead is great, but I don't see why Channeling to damage Life/ heal Undead is any less appropriate. Of course, given they would now be able to apply Bleed to everything in AoE, I might change Bleeding Wounds to only apply to targets that Fail their Save vs. the Negative Energy effects.


Awesome Display:
"Creatures affected by your illusion (pattern) spells are treated as if their total number of Hit Dice were equal to their number of Hit Dice minus your Charisma modifier (if positive, minimum 1)."
Needs to be fixed to be clear whether it is modifying each creature's effective HD, or the total HD of the group.
If the latter, it could be expressed alot more directly by just increasing the HD you can effect. If the former, I would use phrases like "EACH Creature" to better indicate the target scope.

Coat of Many Stars:
Like Armor of Bones, the overlapping with normal Armor, activation action cost, and duration just aren't adding up, certainly not at low levels.

Guiding Star:
The mechanic about whether you can see a specific star, while understandable, just seems a bit beyond the scope of D&D mechanics. Change the restriction to read "so long as you can see THE STARRY SKY" (in general) which is a much simpler question of whether or not it is twilight/dark and clear or cloudy conditions.

Mantle of Moonlight:
Nice, but I thought an additional Save bonus vs. Polymorph Effects (Baleful Polymorph, etc) could make sense here...? Maybe against Charm Effects?

Moonlight Bridge:
"The path persists until you have crossed over the bridge or for 24 hours,"
So it persists under sweltering mid-day sun? A night/twilight-only limitation (or even the Moon being visible, though that has similar problems to an individual star) would make sense, but....?
I guess I could see a line saying that the bridge persists during sunlight, but is invisible, which would be a cool touch that still makes a night/day difference. I would also be more specific about the bridge's quality, i.e. is it a Force Effect? is it also present (i.e. a barrier) on the Ethereal Plane?

(overall, I love this Mystery, and think it really exemplifies what I suspected this Class could be)

Lore Mystery:

Brain Drain:
I can't tell if this is a Detect Thoughts also applying to memories, or just a way to get somebody's generic Knowledge Skill bonus. The former seems alot more useful and interesting than the latter, though both coud co-exist. The wording is just confusing because the 'introductory fluff' would suggest the Detect Thoughts/Memories is valid, but then the implementation ONLY mentions generic Knowledge SKill bonuses. If the Detect Thoughts(Memories) IS intended, it can't just be dropped when the passage turns to crunch.

Handy Book:
Either the link to a specific book should be ditched, or it needs to actually give consequences/ requirements (i.e. time-span) to replace the book. As is, the penalty for losing it isn't substantial : you just ask an ally for their dog-eared comic book (or whatever), 'designate it' your tome, and you're back in business.
...I don't really see the problem with removing the specific book as 'focus' and 'reskinning' the ability as just generic "Bardic Sage Wisdom" that you don't need a 'focus' for. If players want a 'bookworm' character, nothing prevents that, but I would imagine many Knowledge-focused Oracles would have a more INTUITIVE approach to knowledge, and may even be illiterate.

Nature Mystery:

Erosion Touch:
Interesting. It's extremely similar to the Artifice Domain Power, but I actually think such an ability type is more appropriate here as Nature-vs-Technology than in a Mystery/Domain dedicated TO Technology. (like Bones/Death Domain doesn't have abilities DESTROYING undead).

Life Leach:
All I can say is that if this ability was transposed word-for-word into the Bones Mystery, I don't think anybody would think it out of place. In fact, it would even seem a great synergist with the Bleeding mystery if it was a Negative Energy effect.

Speak with Animals:
Would it really break it to just make it Speak with (all) Animals? ...Alot simpler to keep track of.
If it's kept to specific animal types, there really should be a bit more... An additional bonus to their Saves <30'? They become Magical Animals for some duration (mini-Awaken)? Allowing Spells normally targetting Humanoids to also target Animals? ...???

Spirit of Nature:
It seems like the duration could scale more with level...?

Undo Artifice:
First, great flavor along with Erosion Touch.
I think the +1/5000gp cost is a bit problematic. Why not have a partial effect if the Save Succeeds, which would match other "Save or Suck" effects targetted at LIVING creatures...?

Stone Mystery

Clobbering Strike:
"Attack Spell" = Spell with Attack Roll? Does Flame Blade count?
Could be clarified a bit.

Waves Mystery

Fluid Nature:
bonus vs. disarm, grapple, & over-run but not bull-rush or trip? I see those as more likely than over-run (though over-run of course has a trip effect if extra-successful enough)

Wind Mystery:--------------------------------------------

Air Barrier:
Why isn't this a Deflection Bonus? The 'evolution' (miss chance vs. ranged) would even more corroborate that association. The Armor Bonus just feels forced. Rings of Protection/ Protection from [Alignment] are such standard items/buffs that it would hardly present an easier-to-exploit stacking situation.

Sonic damage just makes ALOT more sense than Bludgeoning targets with air molecules. Tornadoes and stuff CAN do alot of Bludgeoning damage, but thru branches and debree caught up in the storm, which doesn't appear in this ability. I just can't see rationalizing this as Bludgeoning, if ALL Sonic Damage is not to just be subsumed as bludgeoning damage, as air molecules bludgeoning the target.

Wind Sight:
Firstly, this makes me think the Wind Mystery should either grant Perception as a Class Skill, or have this specific Revelation grant it as a Class Skill.
Question: It works "as if using clairaudience and clairvoyance", but as it's an (Ex) ability, does that mean Detect Scrying does NOT work against it? Is it still a Scrying effect? I'm not 100% sure from the current wording.

Wings of Air: (and this goes for the other Wings mysteries)
Why not make it an Immediate Action? Basically just gives Feather Fall-like insurance, since you can't actually do anything else as part of the Immediate Action, but it seems reasonable and people would appreciate it.

All good points.

I would just like to add that I really enjoyed playing the Oracle in playtest and appreciated the change of adding the 'Cure' set of spells to the list of known spells.

I've noted some things with the mysteries in other threads but I am happy as a whole with the product that Paizo has been writing and look forward to the summer.


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