Slingshot Alchemist?

Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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I'm curious... I know the payload of the alchemist bomb is "traditionally" delivered via throwing arm, but is there anything keeping an alchemist from using a sling?

I've seen weapons in the past that increased the range of potions and alchemical items, like the flask launcher and a specially designed sling. Perhaps the APG will include something similar.

thunderstone work great from a sling (or hoopak)

Thunderstone is a stone, so, fit great with sling.

It would be bad have an alchimist with range = bow or xbow. I supose that low range is a good limitation to him.

A glass ball would hold whatever he wants to put in it, and fire nicely from a sling. I have no problems with it if my players wish to give it a long as they pay to have the balls crafted for them.

Gnome Calculus from Arms and Equipment guide is what you are searching for

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