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I made a 6th level Human Oracle(4)/Rogue(2) for my new character, and was able to play it today. After the DM brought my character in, the party quickly rushed off to attack some evil guards. Me and the regular rogue used stealth to start the battle with some ranged sneak-attacks with our shortbows, which quickly got the guards attention. Thankfully, because of a combination of medium armor, a high dex score, and the dodge feat, my AC was much to high for the enemy to hit (except for one critical hit that got through). The rest of the party moved into melee, and combat ensued as it does. When I was able, I cast bless, and then shield of faith. After combat was over, I used cure moderate wounds to heal myself, the rogue, and the summoner's eidolon.

After having a day to rest up, the party went through the dungeon the guards were protecting. We all fell into a trap with a Gorgon. I was out of range of the Gorgon's breath weapon, and did not get turned to stone. I ran about, slapping resistance on everyone, avoiding the Gorgon as the Eidolon and the Summoner helped distract it (they succeeded on their Fort saves). The rogue was able to become 'unstoned' as it were, and between them were able to take down the Gorgon. I spent the combat casting resistance, bless, shield of faith, and cure spells on the rogue.

We went through the dungeon until we finally got into another combat with an invisible stalker and an intellect devourer. Although the party flanked the hell outta the intellect devourer, because of his DR, combat took forever! We spent the entire combat just swinging and swinging, with a moment taken when I grappled the Invisible Stalker and the party all attacked it (it died after the cavalier got a critical hit with his Heavy Pick.) After sometime, the intellect devourer went down. That was the end of the night.

My thoughts? The Oracle is just another kinda cleric; I should point out that I have no problem with that.

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This looks like a thread that'll be read, even if there are few comments.

I just read the Oracle rewrite, and have two comments on the Nature mystery. It should probably have the green faith added to the list of deities, since oracles are pretty pantheistic. Also, someone probably meant 'feats' instead of 'proficiencies' in the final mystery.

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