Inquisitor: Why not ranged weapons?

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The only real problems I have seen with the inquisitor are lvl 1 feat selection and a general lack of fighting style options other than ranged (this includes lack of martial weapon prof, which forces racial and divine weapon selection, which I don't really mind too much.)

The Bane ability promotes lots of attacks from a single weapon. This promotes ranged combat to get more attacks. TWF, the main way to get more attacks in melee, doesn't work since you then have multiple weapons and one wont get the benefit of your strongest class ability. (I think a cool solution to this could be to let them bane both sides of a double weapon, but I have no idea how ballanced that would be)

1st lvl feat selection is an issue because he doesn't have 1 BAB. He is locked out of many of the starting feats for melee characters, mainly Weapon Focus and Power Attack. Rogues suffer this as well, but they can TWF. Clerics can get comat casting or extra channel, which the Inquisitor wont be doing nearly as often. Bards get Arcane Strike if they want to focus on combat, or more bardic music. Combat expertise and specializing in manuevers isn't great because they are harder to do with the exception of feint, and they don't need that to be effective since they lack sneak attack. They also have lots of MAD, and Int is arguably their best dump stat, so the 13 requirement is harsh. This further promotes the ranged inquisitor for whom point blank shot is a good feat.

This leaves the inquisitor going to feats that support combat but don't define him, like toughness, bonus saves, or dodge (spring attack is a poor choice for the inquisitor, who likes lots of attacks, but +1 AC is never bad.) Since he gets no bonus feats, this puts him behind the other combat characters. He is also decent at taking a non-combat feat with his good skills, but he is good enough at most of those that he doesn't really need it.

That being said, many of the current tactical feats promote flanking or sword and board, so there are some nice benefits to not going ranged there. These just don't kick in until 3rd lvl and there is little reason to grab one with your first lvl feats. I for one would not be upset if there were no specifically ranged tactical feats

Now, I'm not saying that I want something like the full BAB, or +1 BAB for feat qualifications that other people have recomended. What I would like to see are some new feat trees that you can qualify for without BAB. Especially ones that would promote an inquisitor who goes non-ranged.

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