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May be off-topic but it does lend credence to the problem we have here.

It looks to me like Paizo needs to release a huge spell splatbook. Their own "Spell Compendium", so to speak. For both the original and the new classes. My only problem is I hope that such a book of spells won't have a ton of spells that "overlap" the ones in WotC's Spell Compendium, but I guess it can't be helped. The smart thing would be to simply carbon-copy some of the spells in the Spell Compendium and be original with the rest.

The one problem is WotC's Spell Compendium is untouchable so Paizo only has the spells in the Pathfinder book to work with, which are just really the spells in the d20 SRD.

I think coming up with a Pathfinder Spell Compendium is essential for the game. (and follow-ups, of course, such as a Spell Compendium 2, 3, etc.).

I don't think it will be too hard for Paizo to make a Spell Compendium style of book of original spells if they want.

I mean, they use the first round of their contest to just generate new magical items.

I've been doing DnD since the late 70's and every year and every DnD related magazine has generated new spells.

New spells though are a two edged sword to a game system.

The good side is that they generally provide more flexibility and choice for spell casting classes.

The bad side is that they usually make the spell casting classes (because of all that versatility) even more powerful and better then non-spell casting classes.

You don't end up with a similar gain in feats to match the spells because feats don't work like spells. If you release a bunch of spells then you can not help but leave the feat using classes further behind.

You would have to redefine what is a 'Feat' and what a 'Feat' can do to. You would have to redefine a feat to be something more than a 'skill bonus or attack bonus'. 'Feats' would have to become more 'minor spells' to give them the flexability to do various tricks. There would also be a need to give more flexability in changing of feats from a list of 'known' feats (something that Monte Cook suggested in his Experimental Might and Magic books) with some down time (1 per day was Monte Cooks suggestion but it really would depend on how many 'known' feats a character could have as to how much time should be required for changes of character).

Then you could match a compendium of spells with a compendium of feats and abilities (like things to do with Ki and Rage beyond what is in Pathfinder).

Zurai wrote:
MooNinja wrote:
Please can a brotha get Scintillating pattern on the heavens spell list please! As a pattern spell aficionado, I would greatly enjoy this :D Possibly in place of Chain Lightning, or Prismatic Spray!
I have this feeling that chain lightning is actually a placeholder for a new APG spell. It doesn't seem to fit the rest of the list.

I feel the same way about Magic Vestment in the Battle list. There's gotta be something better for battle than a throwaway +1 AC buff.

My thoughts on Lore. Link.

Zark wrote:

My thoughts on Lore. Link.

And on Flame, use ethe same link.

Fire, Fire, Fire.

Just a few thoughts on things for the Wind Mysteries.

1> Tornado Hold - Wind is sent forth in a Tornado that lifts the target into the air holding them immobile. The effect would be a level 3 or higher mystery with an effect similar to Hold Person. The save would be against Reflexes with a modifier applied based upon the size of the target compared to Medium ( Similar modifier to CMB and CMD ).

2> Suffocating Wind - Air is pulled from the targets lungs leaving them no breath. Only works on targets that require air (so no constructs or undead). Target must make a Fortitude each round or suffer the effects of drowning. The effect would be level 11 and usable 1/day plus one additional time per four levels (15 and 19).

Capstone ability would be Tempest - Usable 1/day to create a malestorm of winds around the caster in a radius of 400' + extra for level lasting 1 round per level. Oracle can shield their level of medium size targets that are not effected by the wind (larger targets cost more to protect). No ranged missile fire is possible inside of the Tempest. Casters must make a concentration check to cast spells due to the buffeting winds. All creatures in the wind need to make a Fortitude check or be pushed back away from the center of the tempest by 2d6 x 10'. Creatures pushed must make a Reflex save or suffer 1d6 damage per 10' they were pushed by the winds. Structures in the Tempest suffer 1d6 points of structural damage per round.
< an alternative effect might be a Mass Hold Monster style of effect from the pinning winds >

Capstone ability for Fire might be Volcanic Erruption - Which would start sending out fire and bludgeoning damage into the area around the volcanic erruption. Their might even be volcanic ash causing an obscuring cloud effect in the area.

Capstone ability for Water might be Birth of Glacier - Which would be a massive Ice Wall effect with blinding snow and slow effect on creatures within the effect. <an alternative idea and name would be Tidal Wave which creates a crushing wave of water that rolls slong in line through the area of effect like Flaming Sphere but a giant long rolling pin of water that rolls through anything that gets int the way>.

Capstone ability for Earth might be Earthquake or Crevase - Which would open fissures in the ground and attempt to grab and crush people inside the fissures. <an alternative idea might be Commet which would summon a large mass of stone to fall upon the area from the sky>.

Anyways, the idea of the capstones is to have something truly of Epic level on the order of level 9 or more.

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