Rules Questions

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Can someone use "Alter Self" to give themselves a temporary "Regenerate" of a lost limb?

Potential Shocking Grasp as a Level 0 spell?

Automatic Bonus Progression - How does it -really- work?

Occultist Implements & Resonant powers

Fighting 2 Shields without penalty

How many uses has a spell component pouch?

If I am invisible do I still count as flanking

Magus ruling question

Strangler with Strangler?! WTF is going on...

[PFS] +1 Heavy Bashing Shield Question

[UC] Developers opinion on the Titan Mauler

Natural 1 = failed full round attack?

WTF is... Arcane Mark

Oversized Weapons

Action to get something out of a backpack?

Natural 1 on skill checks

Do you threaten at both 5' and 10' when using a reach weapon with a Brawler / Monk?

Celestial Servant.....Eidlons just got hosed

Does an Unarmed Strike with Improved Trip become a "Trip Weapon"?

Rogues hide in plain sight

Ranged Flanking

Can you climb over a wall of force?

Ranged attack requires clear ruling.

GM or player responsible for clarifying save?

Morningstar question

Worm that walks and smite evil

Ablative Barrier - Lethal Damage

Black Dragon Corrupt Water Ability vs Alchemist Bombs?

Revisiting Two-Handed Weapons and Armor Spikes

Is negative energy inherently evil? Can undead atone?

Is selling poison an evil act?

Lightning Bolt lines

Wild armor allows you to ignore armor penalties?

Dervish Dance and Quickdraw Shields

If you wield a shield in 2 hands, do you get 1 1 / 2 str to damage?

Is selling your soul to a Devil an evil act?

What's the DC to find my stuff?

Shooting a fireball through a murder hole

Can i take attack of opportunity against an ally?

Mythic Adventures and Epic DR - FAQ candidate

Does Snap Shot allow you to use a ray spell as an AoO?

Is the spell "grease" flammable?

The Crane and the Duelist do they stack?

Hide in Plain Sight in the interrogation room

Arcane bond nullifies wizards?

Monk gloves

How many sneak attacks for an invisible rogue

Any way to NOT "Hulk-smash" your allies?

Cumulative -5 penalty to iterative attacks

Can You Use Limited Wish to Cast Plane Shift?

Can a non-Sorcerer with the Eldritch heritage feats use a Robe of Arcane Heritage?

Do bane weapon special abilities stack?

Feats: Prerequisite

Lances capable of doing 2x damage on full attacks?

Charisma AC

Channel Ray

Vestigial Arms, TWFing and "Multi"-Weapon Fighting

Weapon type and damage type

Can a wizard learn a spell from a divine scroll?

Two handed weapons "treated as" one handed weapons.

that one spell that requires a diamond worth 5000 gp?

Is a Wizard's Arcane Bond optional?

Does Elf or Aasimar favored class Oracle bonus affect the Animal Companion revelations?

Total Defense and flanking

What sort of action does it take to begin or stop "two handing" a weapon?

Claws and slams and swords, oh my!

Unarmed Strikes: One Weapon or Multiple Weapons?

Sneak attack damage against a PC with blind-fight?

How do you tell if something is a Lich's phylactery?

Total Defense out of combat?

Can an Illusionist choose to fail to disbelieve his OWN illusions?

[UM] Using Eldritch Heritage to get sorcerer spells?

Is Pummeling Style one attack or multiple attacks?

Delaying feat selection?

Magus "Extra Attack" Question

Readied action and 5ft step

Dual wielding shields?

Can you Ready a Charge?

Step Up (feat) vs Invisibility

Can you Stealth after attacking?

"Balanced" Ring of True Strike

Sex changes

Reach Weapon Versus an Adjacent Huge Enemy

Conductive bows. Do they work?

Sound Striker - Weird Words

Feral Mutagen Claws as Secondary Attacks with Vestigal Arms

Crafting TPK

More controversial Eidolon questions

Of Titan Maulers and Greatswords.

Pit spell + A shrink wall and dispel pit

Adamantine weapon hardness

Shooting into a Melee Clarification Requested

Fighters swapping out armor proficiency

Rules Clarification: Shield Mastery

Can you detected a spell being cast when there is nothing to see, nothing to hear, no components, and you aren't being targetted?

Fast Learner

Crane Style / Wing / Riposte

Three ACG Errata You Didn't FAQ

Two-Weapon Fighting, Multiple attacks through high BAB, and Choice

Wayfinder + Clear Spindle Ioun Stone = Protection from ALL mind attacks?

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