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Splash Weapons are they "weapons" and other related questions

Hide in plain sight and Hellcat Stealth

can some Familiars wear spring loaded wrist sheaths?

Shapechanger subtype and weapon proficiency

Turning 180 degrees at the start of the round

Constructed Pugilist and Size Effects

Grapple Bonuses

Kineticist question

Death from Above + Charging Hurler

Questions: Martyr Paladin Archetype

Shared Training spell, loss of initial Teamwork feat while spell is ongoing and self-targetting

Alchemist + Two bombs (Rapid Shot)

Does using opium twice make you exhausted?

I'm looking for the max range of bow vs crossbow

Another question about the Misfortune revelation

Phase Spider Stat error?

Fey Magic and spell completion items

Feather Step and Very Difficult Terrain

Bane Baldric for Feat Qualification

Potential Shocking Grasp as a Level 0 spell?

Limited Prepared Spells?

Mythic Source and Cleric Archetype Domains

Ability Damage and Penalties Stack?

Do tiny creatures threaten the square they are in for attacks of opportunity?

Arcanist question

Gloves of dueling and Martial focus

Could a Player take Flyby Attack, and would they provoke AoOs?

Arcanist Question

Wrywood regaining spells

Can Aqueous Orb affect a swarm?

Inscribe magical tattoo

Do items that give an Int bonus grant free skill points

Lesser Demiplane and up, permanency issues?

Shield of Shards question.

Hunter companion tricks

Any suggestions for a Prestige Class that blends Ninja and Oracle?

Addictions: Specifically Zerk

Mass Warfare Rules, Siege Engines and Fortifications

Mithral + Masterwork interaction

Handwraps and claws

Can i have three Bonded Items with two Sorc BLs and Wizard Arcane Bond?

Can a creature that is being grappled get sneak attack through flanking?

Archetype replacement abilities

Can you cast Pyrotechnics on any creature with the [fire] subtype?

Lycanthropy cursed Lunar Orcacle

Can someone else use a weapon affected by Warrior's Spirit

So I'm going to do a bad thing... allow a caypup as a mauler familiar.

Sorcerer Solar Bloodline Arcana and Empower Spell

Metamagic feats and rods confusion

Does Terra-Cotta Soldiers 'Rank Fighting' stack with itself?

Holy Sword Unarmed

Metamorph Alchemist + Discoveries

Need help finding and optimizing a Trait

Painful Stare type of damage

Does Acid Jet(Su), the arcane exploit, get bonuses from Point-Blank Shot?

Fortification enhancement

Clarifications on a Few Domain Powers

Saving Throw Question, Undead Paladin

Using telekinesis to grapple

Suggestion Spell in Combat

Nacreous Gray Sphere (Flawed) Ioun Stone and changes to appearance

Volatile Conduit and Multi-Target Spells

Teleport Trap and Dimension Door

shifter aspects from Heroes of Golarion

Magical Ammunition Cost

Settlements and buying multiple quantities of magic items

Do constant spell-like abilities still function while the affected creature is unconscious?

Telekinetic Haul vs Self Telekinesis?

Fog cloud and wind effects: disperse vs. dispel

Ritual and the summon universal monster ability

Skald rage powers "activated" by a standard action

Oracle Surprising Charge

Vexing Dodger

If you dip one level in two do you have Skill Unlock for the rest of your character career?

Hottest fire around?

Toccata and the Furgue of the Danse Macabre save DC?

Can you use Rock Catching to Catch a Battering Blast

Let's talk about Chill Touch and touch spells in general

Unearthly Speed

Is there a way to get a swim speed?

AOO, Ooze Split, Combat Reflexes, ?More AOO?

Ethereal creatures, incorporeal or not?

Insightful Advice: how does this work?

Kinetic Knight - Shroud of Water questions!

Are these a correct use of the mythic sanctum rules? / House rules?

How does Bloodrager and Dragon Disciple work together?

"You must be aware of the attack..." means what exactly?

I need help for a question about the alternative classes?

weapon shift feat question

Wall of Blindness / Deafness Around Enemies?

Overcharged Blast, and 2 Form Infusions.

Icon of Aspects and the Animal domain / Inquisitions

Siege-breaker Archetype, eh?

an effect that targets opponents placed on an enemy...

Need Dev Clarification: Hexcrafter Magus and Hexes- Level 3 or 4?

Any way to increase effective fighter level

Halving magic item creation time

Hallow / Unhallow Tied Effects

Save DCs for spells originating from magic items

Is there a feat that allows you to use Wisdom for Reflex saves?

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