Rules Questions

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PFS-Legal Half-Elf Kitsune?

Unchained Monk: Abundant step rules clarification. (SU) + components

Are patron spells "on the witch spell list" at level 1, or only when they are actually known?

Air Elemental size, Whirlwind size, and attacks on creatures

Can an unholy weapon have its unholiness removed?

So... How do I reincarnate a dragon?

Double-barrel pistol, firing both barrels, both misfire

Stacking AC bonuses from CHA

Reforging weapons

False Priest Lay Healer question

SU abilities with the phrase "acts like "

How illusions interact with Truesight.

Crafting constructs question

Soul bind, False ressurection greater and Possession greater

Flying and falls

God-Meddled curse, and what it implies...

Sensei Nornkith Monk

Phantom Blade and Improvised Weapons

Feeblemind questions

Caster level checks and moment of prescience

Stealth as part of movement

Reach weapons versus prone targets

Ghost Rider Cavalier help

Stealth in Combat

Ring of Sustenance vs Clear Spindle

Inquisitor With Two Animal Companion

Metamagic Spells + Magical Lineage + Craft Wand, doable?

alter ego and rakshasa

Weapon Finesse with a Quarterstaff?

Ray Spells and Rogue Scout Archetype

Raging Blood and gaining Bloodrage feats

Doubt about Elemental Body and more

Question about Melee Touch Attack Spells

Spell Cartridges + Cone shaped spreads from Firearms

Infused Spell Cartridge + Touch Spells, I need some clarification.

Clocksmith + Mauler Familiar

Unchained Monk Leg Sweep

Cloak of Fangs - Price

Level 6 Druid Spell: Spellstaff??

Oozemorph 2.0: My homebrew attempt to fix the Oozemorph

Qinggong Powers at 8th and 10th?

Gunslinger Gun Training & Weapon "Type"

Running slide

Falling Asleep as a Priest of the Fallen Spiritualist

Piranha Strike?

Vestigial Arms + 2 Two-Handed Weapons + Two-Weapon Fighting + Power Attack = ???

Conductive + Gun Chemist?

Bladebound or Eldritch Archer archetype, and Firearms, this works right?

Azata eidolon 20th-level ability for unchained summoner

Errata on Twilight Speaker Skald

Blindness / Darkness Prevents 5' step?

Kineticist blast work with Eldrich Archer Spell Combat?

Spell casting and ranged touch attacks

Multiple natural attack (Limit?)

Traits that grant Spell-Like Abilities, do they qualify me for Arcane Strike?

Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Short duration spells and end of combat state

Unchained Monk and Foot Stomp

Does Dweomercraft (Su) effect increase caster level when..

Intelegent items and reincarnate.

Musket with Fast Ordnance

neutral cleric with sacred summons

Occultist Focus Power: Energy Shield

Is there a problem the the eidolons in some of the handbooks?

Eye, Veiled

Sacred Huntsmaster and Raise Animal Companion

Spontaneous Alchemy

Half-Elf Talent vs. Prestige Classes

Stars Subdomain power: does that mean every spell or just three?

Damage and Grapple

familiars, animal companions, and collar of the true companion.

Beast-Bonded witch and familiar hitpoints

Arcanist - Arcane Reservoir CL vs Spell Resistance

Bloodline mutation: Blood Intensity

Dust of Twilight - duration of fatigue?

Fleshwarped creature and special attacks

Help figuring out downtime costs / profits

Air School Wizard

Efreeti Bloodline "Efreeti Form" ability - no flight?

Do you know if are subject to a spell that has an area rather than a target, but still looks at a target in the area? Like a Paladin'd Detect Evil, or a Detect Magic spell?

Any way for a Bard to gain a Special Familiar

Getting someone being grappled free

Retraining / Relearning Spells

School Familiar

Can I charge as a standard action if an ally Bard uses Heroic Finale?

Lullaby of Ember the Ancient / Lingering Performance?

Does Combat Advice Work On Summoned Monsters?

Life budding in salted earth and masterpiece requirements

Body thief

Engineer Investigator Archetype - Custom Mechanism (Ex)

Natural armor bonus of Dragon Disciple in Dragon Form?

NPCs over time and EXP points

Human taking a Half-Orc Archetype

False Channel, from the False Priest Archeetype for Sorcerers question.

Question about "Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines"

Does my player need spell components to cast a spell on a scroll he found?

Construct limb of Trompe l'Oeil painting of a Guardian Scroll (+magic improvment?)

Sacred Summons feat and various alignment subtypes

The relationship of Spellcasting ability and Spell Slots

Creature size guidelines

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