Rules Questions

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Cleric artificer domain spell question

Forced March and Riders question

[APG] Elemental Spell feat and Draconic Reservoir spell

How does the rage power Guarded Life work

Alchemist and Master Chymst levels stacking

Incorporeal Creatures, Damage, and Secondary Effects

Some spells questions

Eidolon Question

Paladin mount's feats

Armor Expert Trait Question

Advance By HD: How To Compute New Natural AC Bonus

Witch Familiar / Wizard Familiar

Reducing Natural Armor Bonus

Rules FAQ?

Can't Sneak Attack with spells using Verbal component?

Blog Suggestion: Sage Advice Column

Summoner - Summon Monster

Giant Scorpion - Summon List Error?

Night Hags and Soul Bind

Help with Advanced Megaraptor Skeleton conversion

Animating a 'Carpet of Flying'

Mount spell

Stealth, what is overlooked

The Sunder Attack and Magic Items

Heresy Devil CMB and CMD

The Birthmark Trait, holy symbols and Clerics Channeling Energy?

Two Questions concerning the Bestiary

Son of Perdition magic jar question

Conjuration(Calling) One-Time Return Ability

Can you Spellcraft some using an Item?

Monsters as PCs Ability Scores

Clarification on Consecrate

Golem creation caster level

Water vs Heat Dangers

Profession: myth trappper, skill craft: leprechaun traps

Warheads, Explosive's for arrows

Fear Auras - CR value and stacking them?

Summoner's Charm + Master of Pentacles

Bull Rushing an opponent into another creature that isn't Bull Rushed

Swarm construct creation

Improving Slam (and the like) Attacks

Armor Component Questions

Prying Eyes

Oracle Deity / Mystery Selection

Elasmosaurus: Incorrect CMD?

Summon Monster VS Globe of Invulnerability

Weasel: Escape Artist is a Class-Skill?

Multi round actions and bardic music or when rounds / day fails

Giant Squid: Missing target for its 'Improved Critical' feat

Rogue vs. Assassin disable device

Please help me calculate CR only using class levels

Gaining Lycanthrope Special Abilities

question on class feature feat prerequisites

Binding (Hedged Prison) vs. Antimagic Field

Monster Creation: situational attacks and CR

Cleave and Combat maneuvers

Are weapon & armor enhancements included here?

Question About PFS

Courtyard Trap Cost?

Cavalier Challenge Drawback Workaround?

Degenerate Serpentfolk - PFRPG Version

Dealing with Prying eyes spell

Oracle's curse vs. Arcane bond

Locate object / creature clarification

Guards and Wards in an Item?

Darkness and light

Deity portfolios (Aroden's portfolios?)

Monster as NPC (PC)

Cleric / paladin combo?

Line Effects

Q- Knowledge Domain Power (Lore Keeper)

Treasure progression

Clarification on Poison and Symbol traps

So, how many levels should my pdeudodragon have?

Mounted Combat and Reach

Homunculus (constructs)

Holy Champion banishment ability

[Bestiary Bug?] Duergar missing abilities?

Seekers of Secrets: Dilettante feat


Question regarding UMD and spell trigger items

Beta to Core conversion?

Several spells on a scroll

Intimidate Skill: Demoralize Clarification

Outsiders Ally Summoning Spell-like Abilities

Crafting Magic Items: What is the DC?

PRCs and Spells (Design Goals)

Madness Domain - Vision of Madness duration

Polymorph School and Size change (or not)

Detect Magic & Arcane Sight

Critical Feats as Magic Weapon Enhancements?

Q and A

Intimidating Glare & Terrifying Howl

Need opinions for a homebrew skill system

Cheapest way to restore hp, a math question

Oozemorph 2.0: My homebrew attempt to fix the Oozemorph

Hottest fire around?

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