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Pathfinder Energy Drain

So a +5 weapon for 2667 GP?

Hide in plain sight and sniping clarification

Does a Paladins Smite Evil work on a Neutral Cleric of an Evil God?

Ending movement with a Diagonal

Can a Druid use plant(s) in a pot as a base for Entangle?

Spell storing armor: Is an attack roll needed?

Threatening with Reach Weapons & Armor Spikes (Spiked Gauntlets) simultaneously.

Magically enchanting a klar

Can Detect Evil detect whether a 1 HD goblin is evil?

Can you use stealth with 20% concealment while observed?

Qualifying for PrC's using spell-like abilities

Knowledge Arcana, Spellcraft and Spell knowledge

Can Accelerated Drinker apply to Alchemists Extracts

Magic arrows with a magic bow?

Can a reach weapon threaten an adjacent large opponent?

I maybe missing something...

Improved Invisibility + Mindblank = near total safety?

High level bonus spell slot & low level caster

Design team comment about haste and full attacks

Using Fabricate to turn diamond dust into diamonds

Monks and Monster Feats

Oracle Misfortune: can she use it on herself?

Two-Weapon Fighter Architpye + Vital Strike

Can a blind attacker destroy mirror images?

Dwarven paladins of Ragathiel are in trouble

When are you within 10 feet of a trap?

Definition of "Attack"

Hunter's Precise Companion feature - AC knows to flank?

Initiative and Flat-Footed

How does Vital Strike work with Spirited Charge

Why is Gentle Rest so overpowered?

Ability Scores and Prerequisites for Feats

Osiron Create Water Vs. The Desert

Drawing a wand on the run

spells and sneak attack damage

Detect Magic Vs. Invisibility

Animal companion says no!

Stress test the SLA rule change

Reach and Gauntlets

My player thinks arrows > invisibility

Overrun and Charge

Wild Armor

Blackened curse and unarmed strike

Clear questions about Wail of the Banshee regarding targeting and damage

Flavour text = (part of the) rules?!

Stealth, yes again.

Please Tell Me You Can't Ranged Grapple

Some Questions About Armor Spikes

True Strike vs. Mirror image with your eyes closed

Actual Caster Levels vs Effective Caster Levels

Can a a troll be killed by death effects?

Is plant shape overpowered? Or are there limits?

Can Kineticists lower their damage for their Blasts?

Celestial Armor confusion, and are Full Plates always masterwork?

Thundercaller Bard Concerns from a new DM

Wish / Limited Wish Duplicating Spells with Casting Time = 1 round or Longer.

12th level gunslinger will take out a CR 17 red dragon each round with no effort

greatclub + shillelagh + enlarge person = how many dice?

Construct healing

Coup De Grace

Will Cloudkill automatically kill a swarm?

Munchkiny Question on Natural Attacks

Double Stack / Double Dipping / Using the same attribute twice...

Grab & the grapple actions

Bastard Sword, Two-Handed Fighter Archetype, and Overhand Chop

Jason: Is concealed spellcasting possible with metamagic?

Feather Falling and You.

Familiar shenanigans... maybe?

Does Mirror Image stack with miss chance effects

Alchemical allocation questions - seems too good to be true.

UC FAQ Question: Free actions and drawing arrows from quivers out of turn

I cast Silence on this coin, then I...

Is asking 'what a monsters weak save is' a valid use of a Knowledge check?

Ready a move action agains breath weapon or AoE spell?

Am I reading Celestial healing right?

Paladins: Freedom of Religion?

Initiative: Another n00b Question

Can a pinned creature attack its grappler?

Create pit to get through doors?

Does the damage bonus from the vigilante talents Fist of the avenger and lethal grace stack?

Shield Weirdness?

True Seeing and Phantasmal Killer

FAQ Free actions

Stealth, and 5ft. steps.

Brawling armor property: can you put it on bracers of armor, or are monks being trolled?

Masterwork Tools for all skills

Cleric Alignment of a NE Deity?

Can rogues Sneak Attack when stealthed? Or not?

What is the threat range of a *thrown* +1 Keen Dagger

Concerning Major Image spell

Circlet of Persuasion and Concentration checks

Can you trip a prone person?

Can you cancel a full-attack?

Is This a Legal Use of Stealth?

Hide in Plain Sight


Take 10 List

Blood Money + Wish = almost free wish? Am I reading this right?

A natural one on a skill check.

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