Rules Questions

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Forbidden Words (of Power)

About to GM a game, need some advice. (Long post)

A question about the craft(gunsmithing)

Rune Magic Question.

Levels 1-2 Bladebound Kensai Magus

Mythic Crafting Question

PFS, Price for charged items.

An Immovable object tries to attack...

Two-handed weapons in one hand help

Wemic Stats Need Input

4 Player Adjustment In Society

Templates and opposite alignments

Is Feronia a PFS legal god?

PFS. Gunsmithing. Lore: Do you buy, or do you build your weapons?

A question about multiple collectives

Changelings and breeding.

Can't find the rules on Feat Chains

Dragonrider Class

Point Buy

Using strength for bow attacks instead of dex?

Psionic Energy Ray and DC

How can I go about making a Cervitaur (Medium sized deer centaurs)?

Swashbuckler free actions

I am the GM, and I want the PC's (swashbuckler) sword. How?

Magitech, the Alternate Racial Trait for Androids

Fencing grace

Kissing as a Vishkanya

Problems with Loot, Magical devices and high character creation

Rules rules and more rules !

Ad Hoc Adventure Modules?

I think I've figured a major source of rules dissagreements.

Why is INK so bloody expensive?

Titan Fighter / Titan Mauler - are they actually useful?

How does Consolidated Skills Actually Make Things Better?

lucky toad

Considering letting player take Craft Wondrous Item at CL1

How to find a ghost's dead body

how much reward is The Silverhex Chronicles?

Custom magic item creation help

Wrestler / Grappler build???

Balancing Animate Dead

Dragonkin Breath Weapon

Android Anomaly Trait Interpretation

Granting a feat for free if roleplayed for a duration.

Is inspiring commander PFS legal?

Drain Spider

Fey Thoughts: PFS legal?

Why No Custom Generation System For Specific Things?

About monks flurrying with non monk weapons

Making horseman of the apocalypse

Lay on Hands Class Stacking

Scroll casting (PFS)

Child Cursed Oracle

Psionic focus question

Oracle VMC and child curse extra relevation.

Can every scenario be played at slow progress in PFS?

Paladins, and the Order of the Godclaw: [PFS]

Fighting over basic fight question.

Spell-like ability DC - An error or it's me ?

sphere of power (death sphere)

Can a Martial Initiator change their primary ability score?

Cow milk

Cow mating

Cows, Farms and Related Queries

Will a Cow continue to produce milk after being summoned with Summon Nature's Ally

Ring of Ki Mastery in PFS

Is there anything in the way of preventing Albino Drow from existing?

Spiritualist Feats

Summoned creatures against demons (DR)

Drawing Splash Weapons and Potions as a free action.

Which races are legal for PFS?

How to play around Alignment restrictions?

PoW Warlord Gambit question

Pathfinder Society Modules & Challenge rating, explain it to me

Magus Archetype Question

What stat best represents Determination and fighting spirit

Why shouldn't I abolish Knowledge checks as a DM?

Bloodrager Damage Options

PFS am I allowed to buy out of tier gear under these circumstances?

A veeery flexible character

Does Regeneration from Different Sources Stack?

(PFS) can i cast a symbol spell and bring it out from one scenario to another?

What amount of damage is right

PFS-legal dinosaur animal companions

What are Mundane Items in PFS

Sacred Implement of Nethys in Occult Origins Doesn't Really Do Much?

Ivory flesh spell: DR 5 / daylight?

Society scroll buying but not cleric, druid, or wizard spell

When does this paladin fall?

3.5 Shapeshifter Druid - Please Help!!

Tips on Feats for a construct

An army of familiars. (Involves a 3rd party feat)

Question: Where Is The Ever-Growing List of Society Rules?

Draft House Rules

Race points for 1 / 2 giant's Powerful Build ability

Is it PFS legal to purchase a Rapier of Venom or a ?

Pregen Characters (PFS Legal)

Which knowledge stat to identify classes / class abilities?

Finesse training for Unchained Ninja 'Star Master'

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