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Cheapest way to restore hp, a math question

Oozemorph 2.0: My homebrew attempt to fix the Oozemorph

Hottest fire around?

Char turned out different than I thought

Can a martial (or.. not a full caster) character get Make Whole or Greater as a spell-like?

Looking for Feat Recommendations for an Animal Companion

Boon bonuses and rp requirements for day jobs

How does the Weapon Champion's Favored Weapons feature interact with the Daisho Expertise feat?

'Current Level' for feat benefit

Variant Multiclassing : Psychic

Summoning Weird Situations

Allignment question amd fearing my parties paladin.

My brother says that a rogue, barbarian build done right is the most broken build out there is he right?

Stacking Criticals

Body Snatcher & Capstone

Gypsy Prank and Weapon Finesse - do they stack?

Folio Re-Roll

A few rules questions

Stormborn Sorcerer needs Umph

DMing with 3 Mounted players [Help me please]

Cleric Opposition Schools

Pathfinder society legality

Speed in PF 1

non caster players

Questions about obtaining non-core rule book items and getting an idea of the PF world background

Dominate Monster and Bards?

new spell level

Ignoble Form - 24 hour duration, not dismiss-able?

Settlements on other peoples kingdoms

Cursing Party members.

What happened to the cure spells in new version

Primal Hunter Companion--Unchained or Regular Evolutions?

Rise of the Hunger Lords

Natural Attacks and Ability Damage [Eldritch Template]

Question about Ranger Feats

Wildshape & PFS book ownership requirements

Additional weapon damage (e.g., +4) - Beginner Box

Questions about False Idol template’s Mark of the Idol ability

Fame purchase limits and discounts

Focused attack + Speed weapon = Allowed? Is it worth?

Snowball with stagger

How does one change their equipment in PFS at level 1?

One thing that bothers me-Your biggest Rule gripe!

Spheres of Power Doomblade question

(Please clarify rules) Issue with enchancement bonus on unfinished 3rd party product.

Spheres of Might Errata?

New and in need of assistance

Lance Bonuses

Need help creating a spell!

How guns and bows should be handled (i.e., no new rules or splat required), and everything you need to know about guns for RPGs

Neutral Necromancy

Pathfinder society starting gold

(Almost) Instant Walls with Alchemy ... can work??

Small race with wisdom bonus.

Mass combat: do Fine-size armies not normally gain class abilities?

Umbra Class - Shadowstrike

Starship Question - Recreation Suite

Broken Blade Stance with natural attacks

Starship Combat Questions - Weapons

Stand up DOESN'T provoke Attack of Opportunity

Rule Question: Warsoul / Soulknife.

How does a character conceptualize “per HD” for spells and Such?

Does the Titan Fighter (fighter archetype) give any advantages?

"Assume Equipment" as an Uncarnate

PFS Pin Badge Query

Dawnflower Dervish and Battle Herald Interaction

Default appearance of Unbodied and Uncarnate

Path Of War: Maneuvers and Stances

Should some Great Wyrms be tougher than they are?

Help with my Cleric merciful healer! ty

Animated Objects / Summon Spells, Canvassing For Opinion

"Wouldn't Disadvantage the PC"

X Obedience qualifying for Prestige Classes

Is Dhalavei a PFS Legal Diety to Worship?

Why the limit the number of attacks on the shifter class

Greater Hat of Disguse

Need for campaign clarification: Shield Companion vs Shield Companion.

Dinosaur Animal Companion Stats

Sunder Spell

Bloodstone Collar (item only for familiar) - still need extra slot feat?

Does the Medium really use Wisdom for UMD instead of Charisma?

wisdom to hit

PC Weapons and Mounts

How does the Spell Savvy from the GM Star Reward Boon Sheet work?

The 'Still Mind' Obstacle

Material Components With Cost

stacking of effective levels

Path of War Prestige Classes - Swap Maneuvers at even levels?

Pathfinder Society - Wish

Oracle Clouded Sight Scenarios

Standing Up w / o Provoking

Discussion: Combat Maneuvers and Attack Alternatives

Barbarians, Archetype highlights, and Rage Powers

Is counterspelling with Dispel Magic broken?

Is dragonic bloodline rare in Pathfinder?

[Psionics] Emulate melee weapon and Deadly blow blade skills

Check on a "new" magic item

Buying Treasure in Pathfinder Society

Can you retrain Rogues finesse?

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