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Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Snakebite Striker + Large (or larger)

Ways to speed up intelligence in animal companions?

Odd use of Acrobatics

Ghost+Alchemist Infusions=?

Sayona bleed damage?

Runeforged Weapons. If you happen to have a construct with you, can you upgrade one of their Natural Attacks (via Construct Modifications) with one of these?

Cartomancer witch + card caster questions

I must be missing something obvious about Violent Display


Familiars and Improved Familiars

Legate's Celestial Armor and Instant Armor Enhancement

Bleeding from an ecorche

Value of an arcane bond item with no specified value?

Golden Lions Fingurines of Wondrous Power

Kingdom Building Mistake, Should I Go With It?

Prophecy School Wizard Harrower

Fast Healing is it magical

Construct Armor Questions

Different Prerequisite in English and German for Stink Bomb

Mad Monkeys spell - Nauseated condition duration

Crafting Question (Arrows & Bows)

Pathfinder 1e hungry pit rules questions. Pls help

Monsters and their racial traits

Trait Selection Question

Variant Multiclass with Cavalier… and Chain Challenge?

Revisiting the Arcane Deed Question

Variant Tiefling Ability 26.

Layered magical weapons

Special materials and barding

Wild Shape and the Weapon Shift Feat

Questions about the 'Wall of' spells

Large Lances

Weapon and Armor proficiency archetype stacking

What Realm do Night Hags form in?

Opprotune Parry and Riposte deed question

Feats that Combine Total Defense and Attacks of Opportunity

Flambard and a how it is wielded

Cavalier question: what does it take to waive a banner

Aegis of Arnisant

Do the weapon focus and gnome weapon focus feats stack?

Simulacrum Question

Feysworn Prestige Class and Summon Fey 2 feat - usable at which level?

PFS limit on Human Bane or Favored Enemy (Human)

Horseshoes of a Zephyr

Empty Quiver Style and Stabbing Shot Rules Question

UMD, Scrolls, and Ring of Spell Storing

Negative levels and Restoration followed by Greater restoration within a week.

Paladin & amnesiac villain, how does it work?

Using a scroll in a single round

Is it possible to build a PC that uses the Ability Focus feat?

Question on boons rate from Divine Paragon dip

Barracuda Dash and Mounted Combat

On taking over Grapples

Escape Route Teamwork Feat & Mounts

Greater Shape Change and Strength Issues

Do Spells Count as Weapons?

Combat Patrol and Stand Still

Any traits like Wicked Leader for nonevil?

Awesome blow interactions

Climb Speed and Normal Movement

Bloodrage and Rapture at the same time

If I have a weapon in hand and two natural attacks- How does that effect attack penalties?

Eldritch Guardian Wizard levels = Caster levels?

Spirited Charge and 2H Weapons

Does death ward protect against the Wraith's ability drain?

Can I buy alchemical(durable) arrow individually in PFS

Something seems off about these door mechanics.

Letter of the rules vs Spirit of the rules

Favored terrain overlap and Horizon Walker questions

Question Regarding Specific Weapon Property (Possible Rise of the Runelords Spoiler)

duped sharding weapons

Can Triadic Priests take Extra Hex?

Stack Traits Tireless Logic and Inspired?

How do these feats work with ranged weapons?

Brawler's Flurry + Power Attack (not 2-handed shenanigans)

Discordant Voice & The Lesser Spirit Totem

Effects of spells that are stored

Define: visual manifestation

Cleric build question

How does an animated object (Colossal) ship work?

Does the play 'The King in Yellow' detect as evil?

Croc attack confusion

Book of Extended Summoning

Invulnerable Rager and Split Damage vs DR

A few rules questions over my Magus Monk

Minor Crafting Question

Choral Support and Spell Description

Items to raise spell DC?

Designing a new weapon.

Charm person and guardian armor

Some questions regarding Complete Arcane (DND 3.5)

Charme and Verbal Threat

Witch spell learning

Create Magic Item Pricing doubts

Can you use fabricate to make bigger and smaller gems?

Expeditious Retreat + Haste?

Some rule questions

Benefit of Shepsi-ak's Funerary Mask for Undead?

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