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Bloodrager and Dragon Disciple

My Playtest Swashbuckler Thoughts

Ultimate Campaign Background Generator

A message about the advanced class guide

Arcanist Rules Questions

**UPDATE** The Revised Playtest document is LIVE!

ACG Racial Archetypes?

Slayer playtest: PFS Thornkeep

Question: What would you prefer to see: Warpriest or Priest

What are your hopes for the remaining classes?

New Classes, Old Archetypes

Most Rediculous WarPriest Sacred Weapon

warpriest and channel energy

Charisma is a useful stat for many ACG classes. This is a good thing.

Level 4 Warpriest playtest

Investigator - Level 2 Gnome Feedback

Playtest: Arcanist 12

Warpriest - Level 4 in Glass River Rescue

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the bloodrager

New Iconics?

Level 1 Investigator - The Confirmation

Know Direction Podcast featuring Jason Bulmahn - Notes

Swashbuckler playtest results lvl 7

Advanced Class Guide Survey is Live!

Access to Mythic Abilities and class-restricted feats, for the new hybrid classes?

Experience with new Swashbuckler (1st) in Dragons Demand

Level 1 slayer's Confirmation.

Swashbuckler 3 vs. The Dalsine Affair

Shaman Playtest @ 1-3, 5, 15,16 - Part of a Series

Warpriest base attack

One Thread To Rule Them All: The Rogue and the ACG Classes

Revised Warpriest Discussion

Revised Swashbuckler Discussion

Revised Arcanist Discussion

Class Names

Revised Brawler Discussion

Revised Skald Discussion

Revised Hunter Discussion

Revised Slayer Discussion

Revised Bloodrager Discussion

Paizo Blog: Playtest Closing Thoughts

**REMINDER** Update your Surveys!

Revised Investigator Discussion

Mythic Bloodrager Augmented Demonic Bulk

Revised Shaman Discussion

Bloodrager casting defensively

Brawler Build Level 10

Skald Playtest 1-3, 5, 15 (Part of a series)

Preparing a PC of every playtest class for "The Ruby Phoenix Tournament" (CR10 party)

Advanced class guide playtest: arcanist abilities

Warpriest build and lonewolf play

Arcanist, Bloodrager, Warpriest, Swashbuckler level 7

Paizo Blog: Playtest Thoughts, Week 3

Playtest (Round 2) With Arcanist, Warpriest, Skald, Slayer, and Hunter LvL 10.

Bloodrager Test: Level 10

Cleric / Wizard Hybrid

shattered star playtest

playtest : hunter, slayer, warpriest, bloodrager

Change Warpriest Fervor to Wisdom!

Level 5 Brawler Feedback: The Veteran's Vault (PFS)

Dragon’s demand Hunter

Bloodrager, Brawler, Skald, and Shaman playtest

Arcanist, brawler, shaman, slayer playtest Level 5

Playtest - 6th level Slayer

Third revision?

Adding a warpriest to my rise of the runelords game

The Confirmation - Level 1 Swashbuckler

Bloodrager Playtest at levels 1-3, 5, 15 (part of a series)

Shaman playtest, level 6 dwarf stone / life shaman

Warpriest Base Attack Bonus and Feats

Warpriest Blessing Discussion

Playtest: Swashbuckler level 4 in Rise of the Runelords

1st level investigator in Pathfinder Society Scenario #43: The Pallid Plague

How would you build the updated warpriest?

"The Sarkorian Prophecy" (Level 10) PbP Playtest

Level 8 Playtest: Arcanist, Slayer, Hunter, Warpriest

Shaman playtest: Level 7, ongoing.

Level 10 One-off in a custom world

Bloodrage and Arcane Strike

Swashbuckler Feats

Starknife (20 / x3 Crit) Wielding Lyrakien Swashbuckler13 / Monk1 Playtest--Tyali's Day Off

Playtest Investigator 1 in 5-08 The Confirmation (contains spoilers for that scenario)

Brawler: an appeal

Bloodrager / Dragon Disciple

Level 10 play test w / Investigator, Arcanist, Swashbuckler, and Skald.

Skalds in ACG

ACG Archetype Requests

Rogue-Sorcerer Hybrid?

Bloodrager and warpriest rename

Investigator and Battle Shaman Level 1 (First Steps 1)

The Arcanist and the spell "Spell Absorption"

Question about the Arcanist's School Understanding with the Air School

Racial talents & slayer / investigator

So what hybrid classes are you planning on making?

Stealth skill revision in Advanced Class Guide?

Brawler Playtest - 5 / 15 (Part of a Series)

An unanswered question regarding elemental (and other) races.

The New Hunter

question to developers

Bloodrager level 5 playtest

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