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The Arcanist: is it overpowered?

SWASHBUCKLER--offensive numbers too high compared to fighter

preparing for playtest. What do we look for?

Bloodrager and Casting

Short opinions on each of the new classes

Some Feedback about Swashbuckler

11th level Warpriest Playtest Report

a few suggestions for the design team...

My thoughts and concerns

The Arcanist: is it overpowered?

Does the Bloodrager need a better spell list?

One Thread To Rule Them All: The Monk and the Brawler

Investigator: Eidetic Recollection

Abyssal Bloodrager - Demonic Bulk + Enlarge Person = Huge?

a few suggestions for the design team...

How do I get involved in the play test?

The biggest problem? Reinventing the wheel and making a polyhedron instead.

Other hybrid ideas

Spell Lists for Hybrid Classes

Ideas for each class

Thread of lesser fixing.

Bloodrager and Bloodline interactions

Bloodrager built for Intrigue

Multiclassing Limits (Unnecessary?)

A few questions

Can we practice these in PFS?

Clarifications on Specific Abilities

ACG newest classes

Optimizing New Class Builds?

How much actually could be changed?

Some feedback!

Advanced Classes Synergy with Current Classes

Some Concerns From A Guy Who Just Finished Reading The Playtest Booklet

Spell List for Hunter

Archetypes for the Hunter?

But They're Mostly Kinda Boring

The worst mistake in the ACG playtest document

Open Playtests, or why I love Paizo. A Thank You.

Bloodrager - Bloodline Question

Please do not nerf the investigator.

The Rat Dens of Murnath (6 room dungeon. APL 1.5)

The Hunter in Pathfinder Society

Mid-level playtest PbP

Warpriest liberating domain qualifying for Eldritch Knight

Magic Item interactions with new classes.

Initial thoughts after reading


Class change log

Brawler Bonus Feat Progression

Class Updates

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