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Same Game Test

Quick three man feed back.

Paizo Blog: Playtest Thoughts: Week 1

Playtest Report: Arcanist 4

A bone for the Rogue - Investigator Talents

Advanced classes and PFS.. Firearms?

Skald Level 1 - Pathfinder Society group

Class test feedback: First Steps part 1 & The Confirmation

Brand new Pathfinder Society Investigator

Level 7 Slayer solo playtest

New ACG Playtest PDF release?

Minor Kingmaker Spoilers--Level 12 Swashbuckler11 / Monk1 Playtest

Playtest: Arcanist in PFS

First Steps Playtest

Swashbuckler Parry + Duelist Riposte

Swashbuckler lvl 3 playtest

Playtest and Archetypes

Is the battle shaman a better warpriest?

Arcanist update?

Feats for Extra Class Abilities

Thornkeep –Sanctum of a Lost Age Playtest 7 & Tomb of the Iron Medusa 15

Same Game Test

Dragons Demand - Warpriest levels 1-6

Level 3 Playtest Report : Brawler, Slayer, and (Revised) Arcanist

A quantitative feedback vote for Paizo - Which is needed more...Warpriest or Priest?

Tobias, brawling bloodrager


Level 7 Playtest: Investigator, Swashbuckler, Brawler, Shaman

Warpriest is not well planned out

Pathfinder Society — Brawler Level 1

Big batch of playtesting at levels 1 5 10 15 and 20 most of the classes

Do the new classes need their own Spell lists?

Abilities that affect Source Classes

Advanced Class guide: Shaman- wandering spirit question.

Revised Arcanist level 5

Swashbuckler level 8 playtest

Second Darkness + Advanced Class Playtest

Warpriest Blessings Overhaul

playtest : bloodrager, warpriest, skald

Pathfinder Society - The Confirmation - Warpriest Level 1

Arcanist revised, Hybrid Magus-Wizard or new class?

Swashbuckler - Level 11 Playtest

re: Level 1 Arcanist Play test ( the same game Todash was in)

Beyond the Doomsday Door playtest

Grace Under Fire--Swashbuckler12 / Paladin4 Playtest

Does Bloodrager need spells?

My Playtest Feedback

Playtest Character, Swashbuckler 6

Playtest Character, Swashbuckler 6

Arcanist, Shaman, Skald, Slayer, Swashbuckler--5th level

Bloodrager: Good spells for a spell storing item?

Experimenting with builds, to get a feel of the new classes

Post here if you want to try to do an informal play by post playtest

Bloodrager and Casting

What feature would you trade up in the new classes?

Advanced Class Guide Update for Herolab is out.

So a slayer, a hunter, a shaman, and a bloodrager walk into a bar… (possible Runelords spoilers)

Arcanist Discussion

The Adventures of Eugagglius Zarbian, Swashbuckler!

Temple of the Scorpion God (APL 7.5)

Multiclassing ninja / slayer possible?

Pick the Playtest!

Some thoughts on overall design philosophy

A good alternative to new spell lists

Brawler Strike Feels Too Monkish

Level 1 Abyssal Bloodrager - PFS - Thornkeep [Spoilers]

Shaman 1st level in PFS #5 Mists of Mwangi

Reimagine your current characters

Reimagine your current characters

Skald, Slayer, Investigator playtest

Quick Arcanist Rules Questions

New Class Playtest (arcanist, bloodrager, hunter, investigator, & warpriest)

Brawler playtest - The Asylum Stone

Question concerning intrinsic core classe and Hybrids

Slayer Playtest - The Bloodcove Disguise (PFS 2-01, Tier 1-2)

Swashbuckler Lv 5 Playtest results

Why is playtesting considered more important than other forms of analysis?

Can we talk about the swashbuckler?

Auchs and the Stag Lord reimagined.

All ACG party playtest

1st & 2nd level play test - Crypt of The Everflame

Playtest - 9th level City of the Spider Queen encounters

playtest: lvl 4 Bloodrager, Skald, Swashbuckler

General Class Solution thread

Report: Penumbral Accords (Swashbuckler 4)

Suggestion / Request: Would Paizo be willing to Design a new Class as something akin to the 3.5 Warlock?

Anybody have any pregens?

Warpreist Playtest- Wrath of the Righteous

Playtest 11-24-13

Online Playtest Games

How do these class mesh with regular classes?

Playtest Data for Skald, Bloodrager

Couple of quick encounters.

Shipwreck Playtest

ACG on HeroLab?

ACG classes seek the Sihedron - No spoilers

Is there an editorial fix thread?

Slayer Playtest - Way of the Wicked - L1-L3

Our group's playtest experience and suggestions

Playtest thoughts

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