So what hybrid classes are you planning on making?

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I know that we have plenty to talk about with the class discussions but I'm quite sure that many of you have started to think up of various class combos.

Barbarian+ Wilder: Using emotion to fuel his rage and psionic powers...yup, not limited by armor because of psionic and will mix overchannel/rage to use psionic powers while raging to make them more powerful.

Ninja+Paladin : Holy Ninja, Holy Ki Pool, charisma synergy, crazy saves.

Monk + Paladin: Final Fantasy Monk...yup.

Gunslinger + Ninja : Gun-fu is here.

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Alchemist + Summoner: Robots/Golems !!!

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Moved to General Discussion, as this isn't really about the classes in the playtest.

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I like that a lot, alchemist+summoner for robots/golems.

Alchemist + Barbarian : The real doctor jekyll/mr. Hyde!

i have a few im in the process of building

Druid+Orical=Geomancer, a spontanious casting terrain based class built to lock down your opponent and hold them wherever you need them to be by shifting the ground beneath their feet

Sorcerer+Summoner=thaumaturgist, a class that forms a "pact" with a spacific outsider who is tied into the charicter and grows along with them, each "class" of outsider (such as inevetable, angel demon elemental ect) has a unique progression of the outsider, as well as a bloodline like progressoin for the PC.

Wizard+Cleric=Saint, a divine caster who is prohibited from using armor and most weapons however they have expanded arcanist like casting, a large selection of bonus feats as well as access to all four of their gods domains.

Alchemist+Bard=Magician. a common mans mage, this person has some education but they certainly havent spent years at it, more focused on learning practical skills.

Rogue/Bard = Spellcloak, a cunning and innovative intelligence based arcane assassin whom uses illusion and transmutation spells to set up sneak attacks, uses a form of Shroud Dances akin to bardic performances that affect one's self and later on, gain the ability to affect allies.

Sorcerer/Gunslinger; Arcane Bullet, a Charisma based class with 3/4 bab and 6th level spells, starts with advanced firearms, and can sacrifice spell slots to boost bullet damage, or channel spells through a gun to deal bullet damage plus spell damage without expending bullets. has a charisma based grit pool and can use spell bullets to debuff enemy spellcasters

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@Kekres: really like the druid+oracle = geomancer and sorcerer+summoner = really make me think of binders.

@Sorcerer/gunslinger: arcane bullet, yeah probably work even better with the mysterious stranger archetype.

I'd love to see Dreamscarred Press's take on the hybrid classes in an upcoming Psionics Augmented release...

When I first read "Hunter" I thought it would be a Ranger/Rogue, and my expectation went up... less than a seconds later I read Druid/Ranger and I was "meh".
So I'd much like a Ranger/Rogue.

But in truth I must say I don't like all this class meshing. Building new classes for things that could greatly be made with already existing classes and stuff, or (at worst) with class archetypes...
Good market move (especially in the light of renewing stuff without belching forth a new edition), as the excitement shows, but nothing more than that and nothing the system really needs.

Isn't the slayer a ranger/rogue, wanderer? I had not yet thought to make my own hybrids to be honest, though the alchemist/barbarian does come to mind.

I did a gunslinger/ranger for a hunter who actually hunts, and I'm looking into doing a bard/cavalier for a marshal type character. I like the gunslinger/ninja idea too.

I really liked the idea behind the arcane gun wizard archetype (Outlaw Star!) but it didn't pull it off very well, that'd be worth looking into.

Cleric/wizard= Genomancer©™.

Barbarian/Paladin= Zealot. Follows gods of valor, wanders the land bringing freedom to the oppressed and retribution to the oppressors.

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Cleric + Wizard = Rabbi: The Rabbi is both scholar and holy man. Their faith in their deity is thoughtful, frank and critical rather than blind, allowing them to confidently venture into the unknown, and even the heterodox. Their spell slots are split down the middle between divine and arcane; though they can cast both Cleric and Wizard spells, they cannot cast as many of either as those more specialized classes, and they wind up capable of more lower-level spells per day and fewer higher-level. Their 0-level spells are known as "Mitzvahs." Their strong suits include the creation and use of scrolls, shrewd dealings with both mortals and otherworldly entities, and various impressive powers over life and death. Their power requires a code of conduct, referred to as "kashrut," that makes Rabbis appear to many as neurotic, compulsive, and annoyingly particular. While best known for its quirky dietary demands, these are in truth mere reflections of the demands it places on the Rabbi's mind that are necessary to practice their style of magic. While the majority of Rabbis are Lawful or Lawful-leaning, there is no restriction on their alignment, and some of the greatest among them have in fact favored Chaos, as their grasp of kashrut comes from an iron will, inborn prodigious affinity, and a touch of madness rather than secondhand indoctrination. The class demands very high scores in both Wisdom and Intelligence, but fortunately, those who pursue their studies far enough will be rewarded with added blessings upon both faculties.

Cleric + Psion = Brahmin: The Brahmin is similar to the Rabbi in many ways, including great demands on both Intelligence and Wisdom and a code of conduct. However, the Brahmin enjoys a greater abundance of both divine and psionic power - their limitation is a more restricted array of options within either than what a Cleric or Psion may enjoy. Their most rudimentary abilities are known as "Koans." Per their code of conduct, Brahmins are often vegetarians, and are quite concerned with personal sanitation (if they must loot a dead body themselves, they do so by means such as telekinesis, or using necromancy to politely request that the corpse surrender its spoils). In combat, their methods are normally subtle save for their exceptional powers of self-preservation, occasionally leading to resentment by those who do not understand their ways - still, they have been known on rare occasions to surprise their adventuring companions with more sudden, dramatic displays of power. They shine their brightest, however, outside of combat.

Monk + Barbarian = Wildman: In addition to possessing the wilderness survival skills of one who knows no other way to live, the Wildman is a vicious warrior who needs little in the way of arms and armor beyond their own body - they are fast, strong, and very tough. Wildmen are restricted in alignment to Neutral Evil, Neutral Neutral, and Neutral Good - their strength comes from yielding to nature and accepting no higher aspirations, effectively precluding Law and Chaos alike.

Bard + Wizard = Scribe: What the Bard is to the spoken or sung word, the Scribe is to the written. Adventuring Scribes are easily identifiable by the stacks upon stacks of writing material they carry with them, for every one of their spells requires such things as a material component, although for the simplest among them, the reusable tablet which every Scribe receives as an apprentice suffices, and with levels, they can learn to resort to it for some more advanced spells. Though many Scribes joke that the greatest power their vocation offers is "the ability to make a comfortable living," most, particularly adventuring Scribes, are acutely aware that money is most valuable when it is spent, and those who are not too strapped will gladly spend appreciable sums on the finer varieties of ink, clay, parchment, and paper, as such things make their magic more powerful. Scribes are singularly excellent teachers who can extend gifts ranging from basic literacy and numeracy to arcana obscura. Strong suits of their magic include conjuration and binding, benedictions and maledictions, divination, wards, glyphs, symbols, and unexpectedly vicious offensive magic at higher levels. They are, of course, the undisputed masters of scroll creation and use.

Bard + Shadowcaster = Mime: These somewhat disturbing performance artists need only imagination, willpower, and practice to create reality from thin air. Each is sworn to a vow of silence - and they won't say why. Though unarmored, those who would strike at them often discover it is as though they struck at a suit of invisible plate armor. Though proficient in only the most basic of weapons, they have been known to cut down enemies as though they were handling invisible greatswords. Adventuring parties stymied by lost ropes or lockpicks have stood in stunned amazement as the party Mime stood in atop a ledge or in front of a locked door and solved their dilemma with seemingly empty hands. As they advance, they slowly learn the mysteries of nothingness well enough to create magical effects both wondrous and frightful. Individualistic and alien-minded, Mimes cannot be Lawful.

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Guessing Shadowcaster from tome of magic? Bard+Shadowcaster mime that actually sounds pretty cool.

NO! No mimes! NOOOOOO! (curls up on the floor in terror)

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