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We are close to leveling now and I've played the character for 3 sessions now.

Its been a decent face character - not outstanding - but can hold his own.
Its a good combatant.
It sucks at damage.

Str 13, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 14.
Weapon Focus: Rapier
Trait: Fencer and Absolom Hotspur

The new riposte rules give me a hit most rounds but I generally do 3-4 points. It takes a hit and a riposte to drop a Kobold.

My friends the BloodRager and the Brawler? They do a minimum of 7-8 points of damage a hit and tear everything apart.

At early levels I am really valuing the weapon finesse because now I don't suck at hitting. But my damage dealing potential is pretty weak.

How often were you hit compared to the brawler and bloodrager? How were you in the initiative order? What was your to-hit like compared to them?

Were you making use of Power Attack? Which race were you?

Lots of questions :)

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Human (2nd feat is in a non optimal area which I just re-discovered I am not eligible for - some alterations needed there so MAY pick up Pwr Attack before next session [Still level 1], but didn't have it for the purposes of the play test)

I hit about the same frequency. My hits wound. Their hits tend to kill... outright.

The Brawler has only 10 Con in favour of 16 Dex and so the Brawler and I are both reasonably high in the initiative order.

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Swashbuckler damage is lacking early but by 3rd you should see good returns and there are routes to make it even stronger.

So far you look superior to most finesse builds of the same level if you leave off builds with Dervish Dance.

I did precious little damage with a Dex paladin until I finished dipping two levels of Dawnflower Dervish, but I did hit frequently.

Go for Dervish Dance at 3rd... conquer the world. Outclass all fighters.

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