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With the release of the ACG, I took and interest in the Skald Hybrid class.

Keeping with the description, which is of an obvious (Nordic) Ulfen bend, I would like to make the following suggestion. In regards to weapon proficiencies, exchange whip, rapier and sap for hand axe, throwing axe and battle axe.

I think this would add more flavor and help to define the class even better (more in line with a Viking-like culture) than it already is.

I think you ended up in the wrong forum. You may want to try the Playtest Feedback forum.

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Also they want all comments on the classes to be in the same thread. They close all threads outside those threads.

So you will want to post your comment in this thread:

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If you read the second playtest PDF (posted 12/9), you'll see that the revised skald gets all martial weapon proficiencies.

Thread closed. Please post any followup comments in the stickied thread for the skald, otherwise we'll end up with a hundred parallel discussion threads. Thanks!

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