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Past few weeks we did a run-through of chapter 2 of shattered star. First session we played level 4's. Had a full party, most of them playtest classes but I don't really remember other peoples chars much - so I'll speak to my own.

I played a Tiefling (Rakshasa) Swashbuckler. My first impression is the most important - with the mechanics I had... IT WAS BORING! I've played 7th Sea for 10 years, I know swashbuckling. This wasn't it. Every turn - I move up, stab it, swift to intimidate. Wait with combat reflexes for something to attack me so I can parry things. They never did. I was neither the squishy mage, nor the massively damaging bloodrager and brawler, so the monsters mostly ignored me. The fight at the end vs the 3 mind-controlly things was the only one interesting, as against all odds my swashbuckler was the only one to make the will saves and keep fighting.

I missed the middle session, so we come to part 3, at level 6. Now I'm going with swash5/Bard1 (dawnflower dervish). Dervish Dance and precise are starting to give me decent damage, and the bard spells give me some options in a fight besides stabbing things. Derring-do successfully saved me from a pit with con damage at the bottom when everybody else fell in, so that was cool. The character was an ok part of the ensemble, but never really stood out and saved the day.

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