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I have been eagerly participating in the playtest but I have a question/request for the developers: Could you please let us know what changes basically in these classes that are off the table. The Swashbuckler thread is clogged with calls for dex to damage. The Brawler thread has (currently) a few calls for either enchanted gloves/tattoo/scars etc. I am familiar with posts from earlier topics about dex to damage and ways to get enchanted unarmed attacks without the amulet of mighty fists. So while I get that you guys have a lot to do right now and you have been active on the threads can we at least get an idea if an idea is a non starter or if the debate is open for these ideas.


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Part of the issue with this is that
A. the final versions havn't been finalized yet, so they don't know what is totally non starter. But Jason Says he basicly reads every comment, so saying what you think is needed may help.

B.even something non starter for the base class may show up as an alternate class feature or a achitype

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