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Warpriest Discussion

Swashbuckler Discussion

Arcanist Discussion - Revised

Revised Swashbuckler Discussion

Bloodrager Discussion

Brawler Discussion

Revised Warpriest Discussion

Revised Investigator Discussion

Investigator Discussion

Hunter Discussion

Slayer Discussion

Shaman Discussion

Revised Brawler Discussion

Arcanist Discussion

**Official Query** Arcanist Revision

Skald Discussion

Revised Hunter Discussion

Revised Bloodrager Discussion

Revised Slayer Discussion

Revised Shaman Discussion

Revised Arcanist Discussion

The Point of Hybrids

Know Direction Podcast featuring Jason Bulmahn - Notes

Paizo Blog: Playtest Thoughts: Week 1

Warpriest Sacred Weapon

Revised Skald Discussion

New Iconics?

One Thread To Rule Them All: The Rogue and the ACG Classes

Why is playtesting considered more important than other forms of analysis?

ACG Archetype Requests

Question: What would you prefer to see: Warpriest or Priest

Warpriest Blessing Discussion

Class Names

Do the new classes need their own Spell lists?

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Playtest is Live!

Multiclassing Limits (Unnecessary?)

What are your hopes for the remaining classes?

Paizo Blog: Playtest Thoughts: Week 2

What niche is the Warpriest attempting to fill?

The Arcanist: is it overpowered?

Hybrid vs Original

A message about the advanced class guide

Short opinions on each of the new classes

Really looking forward to the 2nd release of the ACG - exciting stuff

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the bloodrager


Teamwork Feat Thread (HUNTER)

Bloodrager Class Name

One Thread To Rule Them All: The Monk and the Brawler

Multiclassing ninja / slayer possible?

SWASHBUCKLER--offensive numbers too high compared to fighter

But They're Mostly Kinda Boring

Advanced Class Guide Survey is Live!

Playtest: Level 11 Arcanist versus Elven Entanglement

Just seems to me...

Post here if you want to try to do an informal play by post playtest

Swashbuckler (Level 10)--Sally and Fred's Excellent Adventure

Playtest: Level 16 Arcanist versus The Moonscar

Wholesale negativity is not productive

**UPDATE** The Revised Playtest document is LIVE!

I love the new classes.

Playtest: Arcanist Level 11

Charisma is a useful stat for many ACG classes. This is a good thing.

Shaman of the Heavens Playtests

Most Rediculous WarPriest Sacred Weapon

All PP classes?

Hybrid Classes fail to offer new niches, unnecessary reiterate old classes and dilute support for existing classes.

Some Concerns From A Guy Who Just Finished Reading The Playtest Booklet

Bloodrager & Brawler multiclassing + Feral Combat Training = Claws of Flurry?

Anybody have any pregens?

Does every class need a new niche? (an appeal to the community)

Sample NPCs for the ACG Playtest

Swashbuckler: Does Swashbuckler Finesse count as Weapon Finesse?

Playtest Report: Advanced Full Party (1st level)

Bloodrager and Dragon Disciple

second round of playtesting?

Paizo Blog: Playtest Thoughts, Week 3

Bloodrage and Arcane Strike

Just curious. Why no Fighter / Thief?

New Classes, Old Archetypes

Rogue-Sorcerer Hybrid?

Typos and misspellings.

A quantitative feedback vote for Paizo - Which is needed more...Warpriest or Priest?

Does Bloodrager need spells?

Explain "Playtesting" to me

Paizo Blog: Playtest Closing Thoughts

Grace Under Fire--Swashbuckler12 / Paladin4 Playtest

6th and 12th level playtest Nov 19th.

The Swashbuckler and the Aldori Dueling Sword - Suggestion

Level 4 Warpriest playtest

Playtest: Arcanist 12

Same Game Test

Class pre-reqs for feats / traits / etc

Do alternate classes count as their main classes?

Swashbuckler playtest results lvl 7

Playtest: Arcanist in PFS

ACG Racial Archetypes?

Currently, the shaman makes the cleric irrelivant

Change Warpriest Fervor to Wisdom!

Playtest: Swashbuckler level 4 in Rise of the Runelords

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