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Silver Crusade

I figure the swashbuckler might be seeing a few panache/swashbuckler feats. Thought I'd throw a few ideas out:

Parrying Dagger (Combat)

Prerequisite: +1 BAB

While carrying a light weapon in your offhand, you receive a +1 shield bonus to AC. If the weapon is used to attack, the shield bonus is lost until the start of your next turn.

Special: If you have the Opportune Parry and Riposte deed, you may add a bonus to your parry attempt equal to the enchantment bonus on light weapon in your offhand (or +1 for a normal weapon). Holding this weapon in your offhand does not interfere with deeds that require an empty hand.

Normal: A light weapon in your offhand does not provide any bonuses to defense or parry attempts.

Derring Don't (Combat)

Even your failures are spectacular...

Prerequisite: Derring-Do Deed

When using the Derring-do Deed, if you roll a natural "1" on the d6, you roll again as if you had rolled a natural "6" per the Derring-do Deed. The amount gained by rolling a "natural "1" is still only one. You can continue to do this as long as you roll a combined number of natural "1s" and natural “6s” up to a number of times equal to your Dexterity modifier (minimum 1).

Normal: You may roll again only when a natural "6" appears on the die.

Surprise Riposte (Combat)

They'll never see it coming...

Prerequisite: Quickdraw; Opportune Parry and Riposte Deed; BAB +6

Instead of performing a riposte with your primary weapon after performing a successful parry, you may draw and throw a light thrown weapon at the opponent you have parried. Alternatively, you may draw and fire a loaded one-handed missile weapon such as a hand crossbow or pistol. Drawing and throwing/firing does not provoke an attack of opportunity from the opponent targeted.

Normal: Your riposte is performed with the weapon in your primary hand.

Impossible Charge (Combat)

You perform a series of impossible flips, dodges, rolls, and swings to make your way across the battlefield and deliver a devastating strike - and look good doing it...

Prerequisite: panache class feature

By spending one panache point, you may ignore one of the following conditions that prevents a charge: difficult terrain, friendly units, objects up to waist height, gaps up to 1 foot per acrobatics score, or the need to make a turn to complete the charge (up to 90 degrees). For every 4 BAB you possess, you may ignore one additional condition. You must still move at least 10 feet and end your turn threatening your opponent as normal.

Normal: To perform a charge, you must move at least 10 feet toward your opponent in a straight line. Difficult terrain, friendly units, objects, and large gaps can prevent a charge.


Silver Crusade

Oh, and few more...

Excessive Confidence (Combat)

With a deadly strike, your confidence soars...

Prerequisite: panache class feature

Whenever you regain a panache point, you gain a +1 to saves versus fear and emotion spells until the end of the encounter. This bonus stacks with itself.

Infectious Confidence (Combat)

With a deadly strike, your confidence soars...as does your allies'...

Prerequisite: BAB +6, Excessive Confidence, panache class feature

Whenever you regain a panache point and gain a bonus to saves versus fear and emotion spells, this bonus also applies to all allies within 30 feet of you. They must be able to see and hear you to gain this bonus. The bonus lasts until the end of the encounter, you fall unconscious, or they move more than 30 feet from you.

OK, that's enough for now. Been watching too many musketeer movies...

Silver Crusade

No love? Ah well. Options for the home campaign then.

The charge bit seems along the lines of something that should be a deed, and probably not one that costs a point even. Parrying dagger is a watered down two weapon defense, surprise riposte is actually interesting for when you're out-reached but it's a bit weird. The rest don't really seem to have a lot of benefit.

I would like to see a list of swashbuckler-specific feats though. It's the sort of class that needs that sort of customizability.


Let's see, some design critiques.

It seems unlikely that we'll get a new category of feat just for the Swashbuckler, so I'm going to have to say that if your feats involve panache in any way, they should be classified as Grit Feats.

Derring Don't is a terrible name; you're not going to get me to take your option seriously if it involves a bad pun. Derring Don't is also poorly worded and confusing.

Currently Parrying Dagger is a trap. If you're holding a weapon in your off-hand, you lose the ability to use most of your deeds and special abilities, including Precise Strike. If Parrying Dagger were to be added to the game, it would be as a swashbuckler archetype that focused on two-weapon fighting.

While flavorful, Surprise Riptose is always going to be worse than actually making an attack with your one-handed piercing weapon. Considering Opportune Parry and Riptose can only parry melee attacks, you get no benefit from making a ranged attack against the target that you just parried. And again, the Swashbuckler class heavily penalizes using off-hand weapons.

Impossible Charge is too wordy in what it allows you to ignore. Spending a panache on something that isn't damage is pretty big for this class; allowing you to ignore all of those things for one attack is not going to be a game breaker.

Excessive Confidence is ridiculously overpowered; it would be easier to say that you gain a +2 morale bonus on saving throws made against fear effects and emotion effects that cause despair while you have at least 1 panache in your pool. I'm not convinced anyone would bother with that feat, but I am convinced that your version is ridiculously over powered. So of course spending two feats to give what could essentially end up being a better version of a paladin's aura of courage is also bad design.

Finally, the reason you're getting no replies is that this is the PLAYTEST forum, as in the forum when you talk about the PLAYTEST document. Technically the archetype suggestion thread shouldn't be in this thread either because it has nothing to do with the actual playtest that's going on.

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