The Arcanist and the spell "Spell Absorption"

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Inner Sea Magic's Spell Absorption:
If you successfully counterspell a 3rd-level or lower level spell (through either dispel magic or normal means) while spell absorption is in effect, you absorb the countered spell and use it to regain spells you have already cast. If you’re a wizard, you regain the use of any single spell that you have cast since the last time you prepared spells. If you’re a sorcerer, you regain a single spell slot. The spell recovered or spell slot regained must be of an equal level or lower than the spell you counterspelled.

This has specific rules for Wizards and Sorcerers. Does this the Arcanist does not get to play at all? Or will they act as one or the other for the purposes of the spell?

You are gonna get a spell slot. Pretty easy.

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I thought so (with the Spell Prepared effectively acting as Spell Known for Sorcerers) but spells where they call out one class or the other also make me a tad nervous.

Yeah, I am not sure the language for the Arcanist is clear enough on this.

Unless I somehow missed it (possible even though I read it 3 times) there's no line that says anything that affects a Sorcerer's Spells Per Day can affect an Arcanist's Spells Per Day the same way.

Actually, very oddly, the "Spell Slot" terminology used with spontaneous casters isn't actually part of their description.

Obviously the intent is clear because we are familiar with the system., but the language could be a lot better.

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