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can a warpriest channel energy

starting at lvl 4. healing/dealing dice equal to the warpriest's Fervor ability

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So, until level 4, are they considered not to have the channel energy ability. i.e. can a war priest take channel smite at 1st level?

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3rdclass wrote:
So, until level 4, are they considered not to have the channel energy ability. i.e. can a war priest take channel smite at 1st level?

They have to wait until 5th.

Is anyone else finding this diminished use of channel energy a problem? I see fervor has been added as a kind of a replacement, but I don't find it nearly as effective. I get less of them than channel energy + extra channel, I can only impact a single person, and it does less damage. That single change between the first version of Warpriest and the second feels like it really nerfed the cleric aspect of this character for me.


The new version of the Channel energy is straight in line with the Paladin's ability, as is the basic use of fervor. (albeit at a 2/3 capacity) I think with the official release in August we could see some clarification on this, but I'd definitely allow Extra Channel to give you four extra uses of Fervor, only to channel positive energy, as http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/general-feats/extra-channel---final denotes; paladins may use Extra channel for +4 lay hands with similar restrictions.

Back to your original point AFOdom, while it does feel like a bit of a nerf as far as clerical comparisons are concerned, its not a debilitating nerf, as you can still impact multiple persons and channel energy as a paladin would, in addition to burning lay-hands for quickened casts of cleric spells. If its seriously an issue, you should be able to make adequate use of the bonus feats to allow multiple Extra channels. That being said, this version does potentially cap out higher/the sameish than the clerics on uses per day, being 1/2(warpriest levels/2+charisma modifier) as opposed to 3+cha mod/day, but at a lower top-end.

IMHO, the only real point of contention for warpriest feeling less cleric-y is before level four.

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I am really enjoying the War Priest. But what I think would be effective is dumping the Channeling ability all together, it's weak and costs 2 Fervor to use. And instead calling Fervor a "Channeling" like ability that would allow you to use feats to modify it--channel smite, extra channel.

I get that it is not an area power--but to me that is what a cleric does. The Warpriest is a weapon meant for killing the one.

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