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Had a few questions about warpriests and feats.

1: The extra channel/command undead feat, and when can you take it:
In the prerequisite for the feat it says you need the channel energy class feature. While it is a class feature, you do not get access it to lvl 4. Does this mean you cannot take the feat until lvl 5 when you have access to it? Or can you take it at lvl 3 since it is a class feature.

2: The extra Channel feat and how it works:
How would this feat work work with the Warpriest, would you get 4 more uses of Fervor (since you expend 2 uses of it to channel) or would you get 2 more uses of channel that do not expend Fervor uses/day?

3: Unarmed feats and base attack bonus prereqs:
Since improved unarmed strike counts as weapon focus for Sacred weapon, this means any unarmed strike would use your lvl as the effective BAB. Stunning fists requires a BAB of +8. Since a feat like Stunning Fist only applies to your unarmed strikes, would I be able to take this feat lvl 9 (when I have a +9 from my lvl) or lvl 11 (when I have a +8 from class BAB).

4: Feats relating to specific weapons with base attack bonus prereqs
In a similar vein of inquiry to the first there are a couple shield related feats that require BAB. One of my ideas for my warpries is to dual wield light shields. Shield slam and shield master both require a certain BAB (6 and 11 respectively), would I be able to use my lvl as the base attack bonus for these?

In the same line, Shatter Defense has a BAB prereq of +6, however it can only be used with a weapon you have weapon focus for, however all weapons you have weapon focus for use your lvl as BAB.

Personally I see more of an argument for the unarmed strike feats than the weapon feats,b ut it doesnt' hurt to ask.

5: Extra attacks
Since effective BAB with a weapon you have focus for is your lvl, does this mean you get an extra attack at +1 at lvl 6?

1) You would not be able to pick up a feat with a prerequisite until you qualify for it. Since Channel Energy doesn't come online until level 4, you cannot take the feat without retraining until level 5.

2) You would gain the more uses of Fervor, but ONLY to use your Channel Energy ability. See Paladin Lay on Hands, Channel Energy, and Extra Channel.

3) When you have the base attack bonus total (from all class levels combined) then you can qualify for the feat in question. A quick reading of the Warpriest Weapon Focus class feature says that if your deity's favored weapon is unarmed strike then you gain Improved Unarmed Strike instead. IUS is not Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike). You must still burn a feat to gain Weapon Focus with your unarmed strikes.

4) No.
4B) Weapon Focus does not modify your BAB. It gives you a +1 untyped bonus to Attack with the one weapon you chose to use it with when you took the feat. The only way to gain a bonus to your BAB is to gain a class level that grants an extra +1 to BAB.
4 Edit) It looks like I may need to read the Warpriest more thoroughly. The only way to qualify for those shield feats early is to take Weapon Focus (Light Shield), since, yes, it looks like any Weapon Focus weapons would qualify.

5) You only gain a second attack when your Base Attack Bonus (calculated from the charts given from all your class) reaches +6. Unless your Base Attack Bonus is equal to your Hit Dice (for a Warpriest it isn't) then you'd reach +6 at 8th level, meaning you cannot take a feat with +6 as a requirement until level 9 (unless you retrain your character, in which case an 8th level character would qualify).
5 Edit) It looks like the answer to this is a solid yes.

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