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My Playtest Swashbuckler Thoughts

Slayer playtest: PFS Thornkeep

Level 4 Warpriest playtest

Investigator - Level 2 Gnome Feedback

Playtest: Arcanist 12

Warpriest - Level 4 in Glass River Rescue

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the bloodrager

Level 1 Investigator - The Confirmation

Swashbuckler playtest results lvl 7

Experience with new Swashbuckler (1st) in Dragons Demand

Level 1 slayer's Confirmation.

Swashbuckler 3 vs. The Dalsine Affair

Shaman Playtest @ 1-3, 5, 15,16 - Part of a Series

Brawler Build Level 10

Skald Playtest 1-3, 5, 15 (Part of a series)

Preparing a PC of every playtest class for "The Ruby Phoenix Tournament" (CR10 party)

Warpriest build and lonewolf play

Arcanist, Bloodrager, Warpriest, Swashbuckler level 7

Playtest (Round 2) With Arcanist, Warpriest, Skald, Slayer, and Hunter LvL 10.

Bloodrager Test: Level 10

shattered star playtest

playtest : hunter, slayer, warpriest, bloodrager

Level 5 Brawler Feedback: The Veteran's Vault (PFS)

Dragon’s demand Hunter

Bloodrager, Brawler, Skald, and Shaman playtest

Arcanist, brawler, shaman, slayer playtest Level 5

Playtest - 6th level Slayer

Adding a warpriest to my rise of the runelords game

The Confirmation - Level 1 Swashbuckler

Bloodrager Playtest at levels 1-3, 5, 15 (part of a series)

Shaman playtest, level 6 dwarf stone / life shaman

Playtest: Swashbuckler level 4 in Rise of the Runelords

1st level investigator in Pathfinder Society Scenario #43: The Pallid Plague

"The Sarkorian Prophecy" (Level 10) PbP Playtest

Level 8 Playtest: Arcanist, Slayer, Hunter, Warpriest

Shaman playtest: Level 7, ongoing.

Level 10 One-off in a custom world

Starknife (20 / x3 Crit) Wielding Lyrakien Swashbuckler13 / Monk1 Playtest--Tyali's Day Off

Playtest Investigator 1 in 5-08 The Confirmation (contains spoilers for that scenario)

Level 10 play test w / Investigator, Arcanist, Swashbuckler, and Skald.

Investigator and Battle Shaman Level 1 (First Steps 1)

Brawler Playtest - 5 / 15 (Part of a Series)

Bloodrager level 5 playtest

The Confirmation playtest: Investigator, Warpriest, Arcanist, Hunter

Playtest: Level 16 Arcanist versus The Moonscar

Non-optimal Bloodrager Playtest Level 1-2 (Jade Regent 1 Spoilers)

Level 6 Slayer feedback. Reign of Winter spoilers!

Bloodrager Bug: Conflicts with Core Rules and needs clarity.

Playtest results: Arcanist 5 / 15 (part of a series)

Level 7 Hunter Playtest

Sample NPCs for the ACG Playtest

Playtest: Level 2 Brawler / Investigator - PFS

Playtest report: Swashbuckler in Skull & Shackles

Playtest: Level 11 Arcanist versus Elven Entanglement

Playtest (Round 1)With Arcanist, Investigator, Warpriest, Skald, Slayer, and Hunter.

Playtest - Kingmaker 10th Level Arcanist

Additional Shaman Spirits?

Playtest: Arcanist Level 11

To Delve Dungeons Deep 1st level Playtest: 1 Arcanist +3 Iconics

Five ACGs against The Moonscar

Hunter Playtest

4 ACGs Storm the Diamond Gate (High Tier)

The Dragon Demands a swashbuckler

Playtest: Mid-sized combat, 7th level

Level 10 swashbuckler kingmaker AP

Hunter 1 vs. Crypt of the Everflame

Level 5 Playtest Dawn of the Scarlet Sun

Playtest lvl 4-Slayer, Bloodrager, Shaman, Brawler, Arcanist

Level 6, party of 3+DMPC

Bloodrager Level 10 : Arcane Rage Tank

Play Tested - My thoughts of Bloodrager and Warpriest.

Playtest Report: Advanced Full Party (1st level)

Bloodrager Level 11 - Abyssal Abby & the Curse of the Cloud King

Mythic Swashbuckler Playtest (Swashbuckler13 / Mythic Tier 2)--Trouble in Heorot

Warpriest -- Erastil -- 12

Bloodrager made for an awesome killing machine

Dawn of the Scarlet Sun 6th Level Playtest [Spoilers]

Playtest - Bloodrager | Slayer | Skald and some analysis

Hunter playtest results, levels 8-10

Campaign start with new Hi-Breds

Slayer Playtest - Level 5 Homebrew

Slayer Playtest - Murder's Mark [SPOILERS]

Playtest - Master of the Fallen Fortress

Investigator Playtest: The Confirmation

Shaman of the Heavens Playtests

Playtesting through RotRL (there will be spoilers) - Group 1

Swashbuckler Level 7 Playtest with Questions

Playtest Report: 9th level Slayer / Arcanist / Brawler / Warpriest

Quick Hunter Feedback (Level 8)

The Confirmation -- Boise PFS Playtest Lvl 1

Swashbuckler playtest - level 6

Slayer level 4 - Dragon's Demand

Quick three man feed back.

Playtest Report: Arcanist 4

Skald Level 1 - Pathfinder Society group

Class test feedback: First Steps part 1 & The Confirmation

Brand new Pathfinder Society Investigator

Level 7 Slayer solo playtest

Minor Kingmaker Spoilers--Level 12 Swashbuckler11 / Monk1 Playtest

Playtest: Arcanist in PFS

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