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LoneKnave wrote:

How about something that lets him metamagic with rage rounds?

Like divine metamagic, except... raging.

Also the opposite, the ability to sacrifice spell slots for more rage rounds.

This might be quite interesting to have, i'd say bring it up in the bloodrager thread if you haven't already.

I said on average. usually I do a whole lot more, not to mention I usually get a critical.

Insain Dragoon wrote:
Hrothgar DeVaitos wrote:

I just finished a couple of encounters with a 12th level bloodrager, and I can honestly say that I felt a bit overpowered. I pretty much took down a purple worm by myself. (I was averaging 25 points of damage per strike, with 4 strikes per turn. First turn I dealt 116 damage to it, my DM's jaw pretty much hit the floor at that moment.)

However, the low number of spells per day means that this overpowered feeling can only last for maybe one or two encounters. After that, you are kind of sub-par as a barbarian. while it is true that some of those bloodline powers are pretty powerful, you get far fewer of them then a normal barbarian gets rage powers.
Also, the spell list doesn't completely fit the class, with some spell definitely being far more useful then others.
Its a cool concept, but you can break it quite easily, and is definitely rough around the edges.

The level 6 Barbarian in my Skulls and Shackles party deals an average of 25 points per attack. Your damage seeems oddly low

Power attack at level 12 is 12 damage when two handing and you should have 18-20 str base and a str belt, so assuming the lowest you have 20 str before rage, 26 while raging. 26 str is a +8 modifier, so 12 when two handing,

You should be doing at least Dice+24 damage man. Higher if you have a magic weapon (which you should by level 12)With a +2 great sword you should be

2D6+26 per strike.

I figured out my problem. It is actually exactly the problem you just pointed out. I wasn't using my power attack feat. I have it, I just forgot to use it. If I had remembered, I probably could have taken that worm down on the first turn. derp.

I always forget stuff like that too.

Like not using Combat expertise against low AC, high attack bonus enemies, or forgetting I have a spare (non reach) weapon in a crowded room.

I once spent an entire combat punching people with a gauntlet because I didn't have the mobility to use my reach weapon. I had a trusty Great axe that entire time and completely forgot to switch.

Does the bloodrager have a stunted caster level like the paladin or ranger? As I read it now it doesn't. Idk if this has been addressed or it was purposeful.

As is I think the class is great. The bloodline powers make for an awesome role playing experience. The only change I would make is uncanny dodge. It's great have but I would rather have something else that meshes better flavor wise.

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