Adding a warpriest to my rise of the runelords game

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I have new player joining my rise of the runelords campaign (currently level 2). The game is tonight, but I thought i'd provide a little feedback on the character creation which occured last night, and I'll follow up with results of actual play tonight.

He is playing an Aasimar Warpriest of Cayden.

First impressions: He really likes the class, but he felt like there were very few good choices for blessings. He ended up going with Cayden because the only blessings he saw that seemed worth it were Travel and Strength. Even though they are shorter duration buffs, he felt like between all the things he could do (cast spells, attack, use fervor) they would be the most likely to actually get used. The Fire blessing, or the Weather blessings had appeal, but given the very limited duration and the standard action to activate, he felt like he'd never use them.

After the choice of deity and blessings the thing he spend the most time on was his ability scores. Even though my game has a very generous point buy (25 points with no stat over a 17 after racial modifiers and no stat bellow a 10 before racial modifiers), he still found it difficult to find points for everything he wanted.

Overall should be interesting, and it should help out the party by taking a little of the divine responsibility off the inquisitor (the sole divine caster in the party).

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Had a busy sunday so didnt get a chance to post.

Overall the player was happy with the character and it performed fairly well. Fervor was really the most used and best used ability. Swift action self healing and buffs is what made the character interesting. Having a good charisma also helped him stay involved in the social encounters that occured in the 'off time' when the players were exploring sandpoint a bit. The player ended up choosing the good, and strenght instead of travel and strength for blessings. Mostly becaused he wanted more options for combat buffs.

Overall I like the class, but I really think the blessings need work. The good blessing simply did not get used throughout the session, and the strength blessing was used once in the in game day. Again for something that was supposed to be a main feature of the class, it has pretty much become redundant and in many ways inconsequencial for most of the blessings. A lot of them simply wont ever get used except in very specific circumstances because of the short durations, and (for most) standard actions to activate.

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