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**UPDATE** The Revised Playtest document is LIVE!

Advanced Class Guide Survey is Live!

**REMINDER** Update your Surveys!

Class Updates

Ultimate Campaign Background Generator

A message about the advanced class guide

Arcanist Rules Questions

ACG Racial Archetypes?

Question: What would you prefer to see: Warpriest or Priest

What are your hopes for the remaining classes?

New Classes, Old Archetypes

Most Rediculous WarPriest Sacred Weapon

warpriest and channel energy

Charisma is a useful stat for many ACG classes. This is a good thing.

New Iconics?

Know Direction Podcast featuring Jason Bulmahn - Notes

Access to Mythic Abilities and class-restricted feats, for the new hybrid classes?

Warpriest base attack

One Thread To Rule Them All: The Rogue and the ACG Classes

Paizo Blog: Playtest Closing Thoughts

Mythic Bloodrager Augmented Demonic Bulk

Advanced class guide playtest: arcanist abilities

Paizo Blog: Playtest Thoughts, Week 3

Cleric / Wizard Hybrid

Third revision?

Warpriest Base Attack Bonus and Feats

How would you build the updated warpriest?

Bloodrage and Arcane Strike

Bloodrager / Dragon Disciple

ACG Archetype Requests

Bloodrager and warpriest rename

An unanswered question regarding elemental (and other) races.

question to developers

does the new classes count as their base classes for feats?

Explain "Playtesting" to me

Tell the Devs we want Fencing Style Feats here!

Warpriest Sacred Weapon damage type

Catchphrases and One-Liners for your ACG Characters

Anybody have any pregens?

Brawler weapon proficiency an lack of shield proficiency


Typos and misspellings.

Really looking forward to the 2nd release of the ACG - exciting stuff

Just seems to me...

Swashbuckler: Does Swashbuckler Finesse count as Weapon Finesse?

Bloodrager & Brawler multiclassing + Feral Combat Training = Claws of Flurry?

Where is the Ranger / Cleric Hybrid?

What were your answers to the General Feedback questions in the survey ?

Paizo Blog: Playtest Thoughts: Week 2

Beyond Character Classes

Bloodrager: How to take advantage of Staggering strike?

PFS Play and ACG after playtest

Multiclassing alternate classes.

second round of playtesting?

Initial thoughts on the Advanced Class Guide playtest!

ACG Playtests and 3rd Party Publisher Classes

Swashbuckler vs Sunder attempts - What happens?

Same Game Test

Paizo Blog: Playtest Thoughts: Week 1

A bone for the Rogue - Investigator Talents

Advanced classes and PFS.. Firearms?

New ACG Playtest PDF release?

Playtest and Archetypes

Is the battle shaman a better warpriest?

Arcanist update?

A quantitative feedback vote for Paizo - Which is needed more...Warpriest or Priest?


Do the new classes need their own Spell lists?

Second Darkness + Advanced Class Playtest

Arcanist revised, Hybrid Magus-Wizard or new class?

Does Bloodrager need spells?

Playtest Character, Swashbuckler 6

Bloodrager: Good spells for a spell storing item?

Experimenting with builds, to get a feel of the new classes

Post here if you want to try to do an informal play by post playtest

What feature would you trade up in the new classes?

Advanced Class Guide Update for Herolab is out.

Multiclassing ninja / slayer possible?

Pick the Playtest!

A good alternative to new spell lists

Reimagine your current characters

Question concerning intrinsic core classe and Hybrids

Why is playtesting considered more important than other forms of analysis?

General Class Solution thread

Suggestion / Request: Would Paizo be willing to Design a new Class as something akin to the 3.5 Warlock?

Online Playtest Games

How do these class mesh with regular classes?

ACG on HeroLab?

Fantastic concept, nice balance, but treatment leaves me wanting more

Advanced Classes and Favored Class Bonuses

How are YOU going about the Playtest?

Does every class need a new niche? (an appeal to the community)

Wholesale negativity is not productive

Rename Skald's Well-Versed

Can the arcanist and the warpriest take feats that have class level requirements?

First looks and thoughts

No Shapechangers?


Brawler, what is in a name?

Advanced Classes - Count as base classes for feats?

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