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Revised Warpriest Discussion

Revised Swashbuckler Discussion

Revised Arcanist Discussion

Revised Brawler Discussion

Revised Skald Discussion

Revised Hunter Discussion

Revised Slayer Discussion

Revised Bloodrager Discussion

Revised Investigator Discussion

Revised Shaman Discussion

Warpriest Blessing Discussion

Bloodrager and Dragon Disciple

Class Names

Bloodrager casting defensively

Change Warpriest Fervor to Wisdom!

Swashbuckler Feats

Brawler: an appeal

Skalds in ACG

Rogue-Sorcerer Hybrid?

The Arcanist and the spell "Spell Absorption"

Question about the Arcanist's School Understanding with the Air School

Racial talents & slayer / investigator

So what hybrid classes are you planning on making?

Stealth skill revision in Advanced Class Guide?

The New Hunter

Sorcerer / Oracle?

Warpriest and Animal / Plant Blessings

What niche is the Warpriest attempting to fill?

Warpriests, and why clerics make them cry

**Official Revision** Arcanist

**Official Query** Arcanist Revision

Shaman Discussion

Skald Discussion

Slayer Discussion

Brawler Discussion

Investigator Discussion

Arcanist Discussion - Revised

Warpriest Discussion

Swashbuckler Discussion

Bloodrager Discussion

Hunter Discussion

All Trials Underpowerd?

Warpriest Sacred Weapon

Hybrid vs Original

Teamwork Feat Thread (HUNTER)

Sacred Weapon Issues

Thoughts on Allowing Fighter Only Feats

Multiclassing ninja / slayer possible?

Warpriest is not well planned out

Brawler: an appeal, the sequel

the hunter... why are you making it?

Arcanist: Spell Tinkerer exploit question

Swashbuckler Parry + Duelist Riposte

Feats for Extra Class Abilities

Same Game Test

Abilities that affect Source Classes

Advanced Class guide: Shaman- wandering spirit question.

Warpriest Blessings Overhaul

Playtest Character, Swashbuckler 6

Bloodrager and Casting

Arcanist Discussion

Some thoughts on overall design philosophy

Quick Arcanist Rules Questions

Can we talk about the swashbuckler?

Is there an editorial fix thread?

Warpriest - Summoning blessings.

Warpriests: Alignment Blessings

Investigator saving throws

Skalds should lose the spells

Archetype question for hybrids

Bloodrager idea to fix casting in Combat

Warpriest Deity's Favored Weapon Dependence and Limitation

A few things about the Skald

Favored Class Bonuses?

Arcanist and Arcane Bloodline

Abyssal Bloodrager - Demonic Bulk + Enlarge Person = Huge?

Swashbuckler - The Most Obvious Change

Shaman: Life Spirit: Spirit Ability: Number of Times per Day

Shaman: Hexes using charisma?

Swashbuckler: Where's my buccaneer?

Tiefling's Fiendish Sorcery- Applies to Bloodrager?

Question on Dueling Sword, Duelist, and Sawshbuckler, also Weapon Finesse

Bloodrager and Bloodline interactions

Swashbuckler - Targeted Strike - Torso or Wings missing damage clarification

The Swashbuckler and the Aldori Dueling Sword - Suggestion

Swashbuckler's Nimble bonus

Shaman question about Battle and Life spirits

Dragon Disciple and Bloodrager

Does the Bloodrager need a better spell list?

Spell List for Hunter

Archetypes for the Hunter?

Investigator Talent

Swashbuckler: Precise Strikes.

Bloodrager - Bloodline Question

Please do not nerf the investigator.

Swashbuckler and Unarmed Strike

My review of the playtest

Bloodrager built for Intrigue

Investigator: Eidetic Recollection

Bloodlines You would like Added to the Bloodrager...

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