Playtest (Round 2) With Arcanist, Warpriest, Skald, Slayer, and Hunter LvL 10.

Playtest Feedback

We ran through the Sarkorian Prophacy PFS scenerio. Here are my impressions on each class:

Warpriest: Sacred armor and blessings were meh at best and didn't end up being used due to sacred weapon and fervor being better. Sacred weapon and was awesome. Multiple Weapon Focus is amazing. Fervor should be Wisdom based as it is somewhat MAD.

Hunter: The Hunter class works alright, but the selection of teamwork feats available limits build options. Really felt like player was playing his tiger with a buff cohort. Also ended up being very, very powerful. The Tiger AC could basically solo the entire Adventure, the Hunter was buffing with a designated weapon and healing spells. The Tiger felt very OP.

Arcanist: Solid Class, works well, always had stuff to do, never felt overpowered.

Slayer: Sneak attack should be tied into favored target, also ranged sneak is very hard to achieve. Class seems to try and encourage ranged attacks, which does not work well with sneak attack.

Skald: Ragesong actual benefits are kinda lame, but the rage powers are amazing.Spell list seems a bit weird on a more barbarianism character. Class feels a bit MAD.

Once again, I was the Hunter in this game. On the one hand, yes my tiger was absolutely OP. But on the other hand, it was because I took one of the best animal companions and almost all of my equipment was dedicated to making it better. Being a Hunter didn't actually add much. Animal Focus was really useful, and definitely my favorite ability of the class, but if I'd been a druid instead I could have cast animal growth with one more level of spellcasting. As I stated in the previous playtest, teamwork feats felt very disappointing for this build, as they all benefit only the ranged combatant in a melee/ranged team. And Precise Companion was not relevant at any point.

Some feedback on the other classes:

The warpriest was awesome. On the rounds when he full attacked, he actually out-damaged my tiger, it just happened much less often. But even with most combats going for several rounds with some buffing time in advance he never used sacred armor because it was just one ability too many to activate.

The skald suffered most from our favoring Dex-based combat to what I feel is an unusual degree. I think my animal companion and I were the only ones who accepted the ragesong all the time, and for me it was purely for defensive reasons. For my animal companion it was a definite boost over inspire competence, however.

The arcanist worked perfectly. He had slightly less power than a wizard, but much more versatility. His exploits seemed like an adequate and balanced replacement for school powers or a bloodline, both in combat and for utility.

The slayer played a thrown-weapon-sniper build that would have been much better in a game where he could sneak ahead and snipe enemies to draw them to us. It just wasn't a build that could keep up in full-party combat. The specific adventure also handicapped him, as fully half of the encounters negated his ability to remain hidden within sneak attack range. I felt like his problems were less the fault of the class and more that his build didn't synergize with the rest of the party. Slayer remains my favorite class.

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Thanks for posting your playtest feedback! :)

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Thanks for posting your playtest feedback! :)

No problem, glad to help and we had a good time as well.

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