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Playtest - Bloodrager

So did a stress test of the new classes in thornkeep part 1...

Fantastic concept, nice balance, but treatment leaves me wanting more

Slayer, Bloodrager, and Skald Level 1--First Steps Part 1

PFS Level 3 Playtest Report warpriest mod 3-18

Murder's Mark (Level 1 Module): Arcanist, Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, Skald

Advanced Classes and Favored Class Bonuses

How are YOU going about the Playtest?

Warpriest - Summoning blessings.

Does every class need a new niche? (an appeal to the community)

The Silent Tide Level 1 [Minor spoilers within?]

6th and 12th level playtest Nov 19th.

Wholesale negativity is not productive

Playing the Shaman

Quick playtest with friends

Today's playtest- Slayer Player, Warpriest Boss

Swashbuckler (Level 10)--Sally and Fred's Excellent Adventure

Currently, the shaman makes the cleric irrelivant

Rename Skald's Well-Versed

Warpriests: Alignment Blessings

Rise of the Runelord: Opening Battle Playtest War Priest of Gorum Level 1, 4, 7 & 12

Bloodrager test

Thornkeep level 1 PFS Reprot [spoilers]

Investigator saving throws

Skalds should lose the spells

Can the arcanist and the warpriest take feats that have class level requirements?

First looks and thoughts

No Shapechangers?

Arcanist (Old Version) Playtest


Level 3, Arcanist, Brawler, Warpriest and Slayer

Archetype question for hybrids

Brawler, what is in a name?

Advanced Classes - Count as base classes for feats?

Bloodrager idea to fix casting in Combat

I love the new classes.

Warpriest Deity's Favored Weapon Dependence and Limitation

Bloodrager Class Name

A few things about the Skald

Playtest Party - Halfling Skald, Human Slayer, Human Warpriest, Dwarf Bloodrager, Elf Swashbuckler

Solo Skald Experience

Friday Group Playtest: Warpriest

Warpriest feedback.....

All PP classes?

Advanced Class Guide Review *Rant Warning*

A few things about the Skald

Upside to the Hybrid Classes

Investigator Feedback, lvl 1

Can we talk about the swashbuckler?

Report: First Steps Part I

Nature Shaman / Monk Stacking

Can we please have a central place for updates / changes

Bloodrager idea to fix casting in Combat

Hybrid Classes fail to offer new niches, unnecessary reiterate old classes and dilute support for existing classes.

Bloodrager and Dragon Disciple

Class pre-reqs for feats / traits / etc

Favored Class Bonuses?

Some very quick Arcanist feedback

For the purpose of society gming...

Why is there no Monk / Ninja or Monk / Rogue?

Why is there no Monk / Ninja or Monk / Rogue?

Shaman Playtest - 11 / 21

The Point of Hybrids

Do alternate classes count as their main classes?

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Playtest is Live!

Just curious. Why no Fighter / Thief?

Bloodrager Class Name

Be honest

Printer Release for ACG Playtest

Arcanist and Arcane Bloodline

Play Test and PFS Options

Abyssal Bloodrager - Demonic Bulk + Enlarge Person = Huge?

Swashbuckler - The Most Obvious Change


Adding my 2cp

Which classes should I playtest? (small Shattered Star spoilers)

Shaman: Life Spirit: Spirit Ability: Number of Times per Day

Shaman: Hexes using charisma?

The fundamental problem with the Hybrid classes, and a potential fix

Swashbuckler: Where's my buccaneer?

Tiefling's Fiendish Sorcery- Applies to Bloodrager?

Question on Dueling Sword, Duelist, and Sawshbuckler, also Weapon Finesse

Bloodrager and Bloodline interactions

Swashbuckler - Targeted Strike - Torso or Wings missing damage clarification

The Swashbuckler and the Aldori Dueling Sword - Suggestion

Swashbuckler's Nimble bonus

Shaman question about Battle and Life spirits

Dragon Disciple and Bloodrager

Does the Bloodrager need a better spell list?

Spell List for Hunter

Archetypes for the Hunter?

Investigator Talent

Swashbuckler: Precise Strikes.

Bloodrager - Bloodline Question

Please do not nerf the investigator.

Swashbuckler and Unarmed Strike

My review of the playtest

Bloodrager built for Intrigue

Investigator: Eidetic Recollection

Bloodlines You would like Added to the Bloodrager...

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