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I created an half-orc hunter for Dragon’s Demand.

When I saw the class, I was thinking of a druid fighting alongside his animal companion. I was looking at the vermin companion, thinking it could go with an half-orc. But after some thinking, I changed my plan and went for an half-orc with the Sympathetic Rage and a badger/wolverine.

We played the first part yesterday.

At first level, playing this hunter didn’t felt like a big difference than playing a druid, except for a bit of proficiency changes and some missing abilities (wild empathy, track). There was animal focus, but it was in a single fight. I went for the +2 con because the animal and my character was getting badly hit, could have gone bad if they got more hit when the HP would have gone off.

There was also a warpriest and a swashbuckler in the party.

The swashbuckler felt the lack of any weapon finesse. The warpriest had some bad rolls, so didn’t hit much, would have cut things in half if he had hit.

I played the second game with my hunter. After last game he was second level and I applied the minor change to him.

The mostly good party spent a good part of the session trying to find diplomatic ways to the issues. My character didn’t feel to useless, having a good wisdom and some skill points to get on Perception and Survival helped.

The constant animal focus on the companion made a bit of a difference, giving the feel of something different than other AC classes.
The fact that the ability can be used in 1 minute increments makes it come into play more often. I was happy when my character used the Stag animal focus to get an extra 5 foot of movement and managed to be adjacent to an enemy which allowed him to attack on that round.
I’d worry that the ability would be too potent at higher level but the type of bonus is very common, and not that high.

I didn’t had the opportunity to use Wild Empathy because the rest of the party preferred to avoid an encounter. I can’t blame them, 1d20+2 to change an attitude is pretty low.

The ability the revised hunter get that allow him to get some precise shot with his animal was not useful for my character. There was a single time where my character had a ranged weapon in hands and the companion was in melee, but another character was also in melee so it would have made no difference.
As my character is mostly melee, that ability will probably never come into play.

The swashbuckler was a bit sad that the revised class had weapon finesse at first level, because he didn’t at the time. As he was second, he would have gotten it anyway.
He managed to do plenty of swashbucly things, which was entertaining to watch and made me want to play such a character too. His panache pool points was going up and down, and I also find that interesting.

The warpriest, when he hit, cut enemies in half. He uses a reach weapon and attack from behind the line so get cover which doesn’t help him.

The next game is in January, so it will not be included in the playtest but I’ll probably report it on this thread if the forums are not locked.

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Thanks for posting your playtest feedback! :)

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